sábado, 27 de junho de 2020


 This is the second volume of this project called O SOM DO ABISMO, with more great brazilian bands !
 This time beyond the brazilian bands, I also included few bands from overseas but with brazilian people in the line up, like : DARGE(Japan), B.ET.O.E. (Venezuela, but today living in Spain), RAZA ODIADA and FINAL SLUM WAR (both from Spain).
 One more time also including old and classic bands like ATACK EPILÉPTICO, that started in 1986 and still playing and also with new songs! and LOGORRÉIA also, started in 1986 and still playing also.
 KARNE KRUA who is playing since 1985 !
 And more "new" bands or current brazilian bands that are in activities and have a lot to say with their works !!
 the official bootleg copies in Cd-r are still running, planned to be only 200 copies, but one more time with a really bigger of copies, till now, something like 350 copies of both volumes are made, beyond some friends that made more copies in their cities and also free download and others ways also.
 Feel free to download it and to keep divulgating for more and more friends from overseas, please !
 cheers and enjoy the brazilian noise !!