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This interview i made with dear friend Otto Itkonen the violent drummer of FORÇA MACABRA...And is about some points at their "MISSÃO METÁLICA" BRAZIL TOUR-2005...This interview was published now in portuguese language at MENSALÃO DO CAPETA zine-from my great friend Régis=MURRO NO OLHO...and will be published in english in my own zine=VERMINOZE PUTRIDA new number too!!!
Let´s to to the macabre world of FORÇA MACABRA!!!!!!!

VP=First,how about play in Brazil...How differences between first tour in 2002 and now 2005...special moments...remmembrances...
FM=Well,each time has been great! and a real dream to come true because Brazil has a special meaning for all of us,Both tours had about 15 shows,and we always met wonderfull peoples,played with interesting bands from all kinds of scenes,and got treated well.Possibilly this later tour 2005 was a big "bigger",we maybe had bigger audience sometimes.we also possibilly played with some slightly "bigger" bands the
2nd tour...also it was amazing to go to some cities and meet the same peoples that you had met 2 or 3 years earlier.it´s good to see people don´t change too much and that they keep loyal to the scene.There have been great moments everywhere,so it´s difficulty to say the "favorite city" or "favorite gig".the 2nd time touring biggest disappointment was maybe the weather,it was really so cold and too much rainning almost every day...Yeah,and on the 2nd tour we played six shows with LOBOTOMIA and made good friends with them.It was very nice to get to know them also personally because besides ARMAGEDOM they are some of our most important influences.

VP=Well,see you playing in my city,Gama,always was a dream to me...specially co´z in Gama city,like you can remember,bands and peoples of different cultures like punk,metal,goths,rockers,etc...can be in the same space and play in same gig without fights or stupid radicalism too...what your remmembrances to play here?
FM=Yeah!,it´s just like Finland;all punks,skaters,metalheads,goths,crusties,etc...hang out together at the shows and have the greatest time! So i think the gig in Gama was awesome! ok,it was raining just too much,really shit weather.But the people were really interesting,I have many nice feelings about that night/place.It was also the 1st time i could see BESTHÖVEN live and it was of course really great!

VP=Tell us about the all tour,what was the best gigs,best nights,best cities and favorite bands you played with?
FM=This 2nd tour you mean? Well,like i said it was basically great.OK,i try to remember something...Porto Alegre was really interesting because we played on the rooftop of one large industrial hall,it was maybe 6 stories high,so the scenery over the city and harbour was wild.Also UNIDOS PELO ÓDIO and NO REST played who are both really cool and great!! We stayed up of course all through the night doing blow,drinking and messing around with the locals.
Well,São Paulo is always great fun,so many possibilities,the gig at hangar was massive and CÓLERA were absolutelly brilliant.Of course also ARMAGEDOM and LOBOTOMIA were always excellent! SOCIOFOBIA were also really great,we´d like to make a split 7" ep with them one day!
Belo Horizonte was interesting because we felt the atmosphere at the gig was somewhat different from the other cities.CHAKAL wewre cool bunch of old time thrash metallers.ANTHARES in ABC was also amazing,one of the wildest and best thrash metal shows i have ever seen in my life!!! Our vocalist was doing the vocals for their classic song "fúria" and it really worked out well.I guess we had cool "parties" everywhere,but on the other hand it´s economical to be on tour like that.Oh yeah,and we were served some amazingly tasty caipirinhas by the parents of Eros Romano,ha ha!

VP=I Read in "BORN 20 YEARS TOO LATE" zine from Canada that a crazy drunk banger girl made a striptease during one of your gigs??? HA HA HA...please,can you tell us more about this?? how city happened this?
FM=HA HA!,yeah,it happened in RIO.It was a major event,a big show with many bands.For example UZOMI was really fucking great,one of the best we saw on this 2nd tour! well,both KUOLEMA and FORÇA MACABRA played really late,maybe 4-5 AM so we were quite tired becuse of the crazy heat,drinking,and the late time...and i just remeber really well how in the midlle of the FORÇA live some girl climbs on the high stage,she first dances around but then soon strips her top off and shows off her breasts.ha ha,it was a big surprise really but we just kept playing and maybe in less than a minute she went off the stage.A pretty lady though;-)

VP=Tell us about your last records...
FM=Last records...? well we have been fucking lazy and disorganized i guess...we did record an album "Aqui é o inferno"(here´s the hell)in March of 2006 but it´s not released yet.(NOTE=The lp is out now!!! and available with band members!!).Also ther is a live record on the 1st Brazilian tour and it´s not released yet,but will soon hopefully be out on USINA DE SANGUE records.The live is quite special co´z we have included a few songs that are not available anywhere else,and we have special appearances by some friends...ok,and besides those two albums were have some compilations coming up here and there,think...

VP=News and upcoming release now...and the bye...
FM=That´s pretty much all explained above.big thanx for you Fofão for making this interview,Please send us more questions or write if you like to communication or are interested in t-shirts,records,etc,stuffs.I´m also intersted to get Brazilian heavy metal vynils like=ALTA TENSÃO "PORTAL DO INFERNO"LP/ATTOMICA "ATTOMICA"LP/CHAKAL "LIVING WITH PIGS"EP/KARISMA "SWEET REVENGE"LP/SALARIO MINIMO "BEIJO FATAL"LP/THOR "ROCKRISE"EP/METALMORFOSE "CORRENTES"12/MUTILATOR "IMMORTAL FORCE"LP/MX "MENTAL SLAVERY"LP/VULCANO "OM PUSHME NAMAH"EP/WARFARE NOISE VOL.II LP/WHIPLASH ATTACK VOL.I LP/METAL BRIGADE VOL 1 LP.
I can make a nice trade or pay money!


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