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Punks Is Hippies is a online archive for DIY punk and hard core fanzines. The following are translations from interviews first published in Swedish fanzine Skottkärrans Ande #1 from 1984. The name of this fanzine from Åkersberga, Sweden, translates as "The Spirit of the Handcart", and was made by Peter Hirseland who is more famous from political crustband legend Svart Snö. The zine included Stockholm punk scene report, Ernst and The Edsholm Rebels (E.A.T.E.R.), Moderat Likvidation, Varukers, Anti-Cimex, Riistetyt, Mob47 and more.

You can download the complete zine here:

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Translation by Slobodan Burgher, PunksIsHippies."
Mob-47 from Skottkaran's Ande # 1

"Here we have then the interview with Stockholm's absolute best hard core band Mob-47, first they are going to explain how the band started etc (unusual question (1))
Mob: Ake, Jogge and Chrille started Cencur in the summer of 82, in the summer of 83 MenTis [sic] came along on vocals and then we also changed name to Mob-47.

It is Mentis who sings on the 'Hardcore attack' cassette-tape. In Feb 84 we kicked out Mentis because he was so fucking lost (2).
Current line up is: Jogge - bass & vocals

Ake - guitar & vocals

Chrille -drums

What favourite bands do you have?
Ake: Crucifix, Neos, D.R.I., Eu's Arse, MDC.
Chrille: Discharge, ChAos UK [sic], Crucifix, Varukers.
Jogge: Abrasive Wheels, GBH, Bad Brains.

What political views do you have?

What do you think would be the best way to achieve peace on earth?
Obviously disarmament (3). But first we must disarm the police and the military who are protecting the warsystem.

What do you think about religion then?
All religion is shit, because it is based on submission of the individual.
Religion only creates prejudice and hate (only look at Belfast and Beirut).

Who writes the lyrics & music?
A guy who is called Per Lundstrom writes most of our lyrics (4). Ake makes the music and Jogge adds something little here and there.

What is more important the lyrics or the music?
The music, but good lyrics is a plus.

What do YOU THINK about the Stockholm punk scene, that everyone says is so crap?
-Worthless, only shitbands like Aggressiv & Krixhjalters are good (says Ake).
-Too few mangel-band!!! (says Chrille)
-Och 'B' (5) (says Jogge).

How can you make it better then?

If we can change the subject then....What do you think of Finnish punk?
Fucking great, in Finland they have fucking great mangel-bands like KAAOS, TERVEET KADET and RIISTETYT [Note: also interviewed in this fanzine, a few pages before this interview].

What do you think of animal testing/eating meat and all that bollocks?
All animal testing is murder (that's right - ed. note).
Of course it is double standard to eat meat but if you have been raised to eat meat it is hard to break the pattern.

Punk only gets faster and rawer for every day that passes, what do you think this is because of?
Punk has always been an agressive musical style and all the mangel-bands are inspiring each other to play faster.

And finally, DO YOU HAVE ANYTHING TO ADD??????
Thanks to the Hedemora mangelbands ASOCIAL & DISTRUST, who let us play Bunkern at 10/3. (7)

Translations notes:
(1) I.e. this is not an unusual question.
(2) Slang-term used here and therefore somewhat ambiguous or hard to translate - the direct translation is 'sunk' as in past sense 'the boat sunk'. The intended meaning is closer to 'fucked-up' (for whatever reason or reasons, which are obviously not mentioned). Trivia: the word "sänkt" in Swedish is also the same used by Protes Bengt "Bengt e sänkt".
(3) It is not stated specifically 'nuclear disarmament' and while you can use the term disarmament for many different types of weapons or forces, it is quite clear that what is meant is disarmament in relation to nuclear weaponry.
(4) Not sure who this is, could be real or it could be a joke.
(5) "B" = substandard.
(6) The word 'mangel' should be known to all fans of Mob 47 and Swedish hard core in general. The best translation would be 'thrash'. The answer to the question here can be directly translated as "mangel as iron" - in other words the Stockholm scene would be much better if the bands would do like Mob 47 and thrash like hell (as Swedish fans always scream at bands that play live: "play faster").
(7) Hedemora is a town slightly north of Stockholm, while Asocial are well-known, I can't remember a band called Distrust, Bunkern = The Bunker, a venue assumingly in Hedemora.

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Anônimo disse...

Funniest thing is that they had another guy to write their lyrics LOL! As too many of the Swedish HC bands they had nothing to say. Ordinary people or svenssons who liked punk but was totally boring as persons.

Slobodan Burgher disse...

" As too many of the Swedish HC bands they had nothing to say."

Seems like a bit too sweeping judgement, are you suggesting that this does not go for most HC bands from USA, UK, Finland, Japan or whatever?

As I suggest in notes, I think that thing relating to someone else writing the lyrics = a joke.

Sörling disse...




Anônimo disse...

No it's not a joke. They actually had a guy writing the lyrics. Which says something about their intellectual capacity. Most Scandinavian, Japanese and UK bands had nothing interesting to add while the US bands seems to add a bit more twist and edge to their personality. I make this judgement from the perspective of being part of the scene of the 80s and being a huge fanzine collector. Most Swedish bands where made up of posers. That don't subtract to the fact that some of them made a couple of decent songs. But call them "punk" bands? Nah...

Slobodan Burgher disse...

HA HA HA! What a fucking joke. You can't be serious.

Anônimo disse...

In what sense do you think I'm joking?

Slobodan Burgher disse...

What you wrote was so exclusively America-centric that I assumed you must be joking.

Not to mention that you seem to mistake Mob 47 for a band that is dead-serious. I never thought of, say, DRI or Neos (Mob 47's heroes) as CRASS-like bands either.

But you seem to make a rule out of the example of Mob 47 that you then use to write off not only "most punk from Scandinavia" but also punk from Japan and the UK as well. That also reads like a joke to me.

Your comments deal only with the subjective. Worse, it's based on your own personal views/ideas/assumptions of what punk is, what it means and what it stands for. This is kids stuff: punk can mean whatever you like.

Being Swedish myself but living abroad for the past 10 years means I have definitely reassessed my views and assumptions on Swedish punk; I say this just to point out I am not trying to defend some sort of perceived "honour" of Swedish punk; quite the opposite: I have many problems with that scene too.

Moreover, I too collect zines and have been doing so for a long time and I am indeed passionate about the scene. I say this in response to your need to underline your argument by stating that you collect fanzines.

Have you seen www.punksishippies.com?

Anyway, what you wrote was totally pointless. For, what purpose other than to belittle Scandinavian, Japanese and British punk in favour of American punk does your comment serve? None.

But that would too easy an argument to find fault in, so I assumed you were joking.

Anônimo disse...

Not a rule just one of too many examples. But you must've understood that this is my personal views? Or did you think I was from the punk police coming here?

"Worse, it's based on your own personal views/ideas/assumptions of what punk is, what it means and what it stands for." You must be joking right? Did you think at all before you wrote that? And then "This is kids stuff: punk can mean whatever you like.". By saying that you just gave me the right to an opinion and what I think punk is.

Sorry this isn't going to take us anywhere. See it as a little note from my personal views and thoughts that you have the right to disagree upon.

Slobodan Burgher disse...

Sure, of course. Disagreement is a good thing; nothing personal meant obviously (figurably speaking since I don't know who you are).

Yes, I did understand that what you wrote were your personal views but I too felt it was very representative of a viewpoint that I have heard and read so many times before -one which I thought had disappeared thanks to more information in english in recent years about non-english scenes (and conclusions drawned from that info. Ultimately: that any history of punk is incomplete if not on international level as ideas and directions etc went freely cross-borders, at a very early stage).

I guess the real contentious point for was what I wrote before, that: "what purpose other than to belittle Scandinavian, Japanese and British punk in favour of American punk does your comment serve?" You did not respond to that, but that's ok.

Anyway, thanks for the exchange, most people don't care to make intelligent remarks online (me included) so even if I don't agree it was worthwhile...

etc etc

Anônimo disse...

"Anyway, thanks for the exchange, most people don't care to make intelligent remarks online (me included) so even if I don't agree it was worthwhile..." and still you call me a moron on your blog. Well...

Slobodan Burgher disse...

That's what I meant with "me included" ha ha ha - besides with "morons" I meant generally speaking people I found myself "debating" with on the internt over the past weeks, the point being I should know better or, more precisely use my time more wisely...though at least this exhange with you was interesting because it at least stimulated some thoughts...

rayss disse...

the guy per who wrote the lyrics is a friend who is known for being in filthy christians and he only wrote lyrics for songs which are on the first 7'' and whatever demos those songs are also on i cant remember. i always thought it was weird someone not in the band wrote the lrycs but its not a big deal. they sing those lyrics cuz they believe in them. also later they wrote their own lyrics with the same subjects. they do have stuff to say. per also was in discard with ake and chrille.
this info is pretty known since it is mentioned in the booklet with the mob 47 cd that came out on distortion and i know i have read it elsewhere but dont know exactly, maybe the stockholms mangel cd and more recently the back to attack double cd.
ray ss
mob 47 are for real in everyway.

rayss disse...

oops per thunnel is in filthy christians, well i guess i can't remember what i read about the guy who wrote the lrycs but it is true, not ajoke, ill look at my cd again, now i am not even sure wher i read this information.