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Well,is with a great pleasure that i´m publishing this interview with Silvio the leader of amazing KARNE KRUA band,that is alive in the scene in Aracajú-Sergipe=Brazil since 1985(!!!!!)...Silvio is a true warrior of underground!! beyond KARNE KRUA he edited tons of zines in the 80s and 90s like the great "BURACAJÚ" zine for example...they worked too in a distro label called "LOKAOS TAPES" too...and many others works and played in some others bands too like LOGORRÉIA too...etc...etc...
My first contact with them was back in 1989-1990 and KARNE KRUA is in the pages of my zine VERMYNOZE PUTRIDA number 2(!!) so maaaaaaaany years ago=when the internet was not "all" in the life of the people but in same way the things worked and happened...(!!!)...
Good winds come to say that we finnaly will see the force of KARNE KRUA live here in d.f. state!! soon!!!
Meanwhile we have here this short interview...

VP=Tell us a little about the history of the band...since that you are playing since 1985(!!)i think you have so many things to say...
SILVIO=yeah,we started in 1985,then in all this time many things happens,line up changes,problems continues,co´z no one want to pay money for the our shows appeareance and it is not helping to do others works and studio...but i think is not good to keeping in the fight looking for help for the productions and works from the band...we are many know but we are not be paying´s many hard.

VP=Who are the members today?? do you are playing in some others bands,etc??
SILVIO=the KARNE KRUA line up today is=Silvio=vocals,Adriano=drums,Alexandre=GUITARS AND VOCALS,Ivo=bass and vocals.Me and Adriano played in a blues band called MÁQUINA BLUES,Ivo are palying at RENEGADES OF PUNK,Alexandre today plays only with KARNE KRUA.

VP=Checking my zines collection i found stuffs from KARNE KRUA in zines from Mexico=94-95 more or less and i know that you was ever a great warrior from the brazilian scene!! how is the divulgation of your work today?? you are keeping contacts,letters ,etc...?
SILVIO=i don´t have time for letters today,but with the zines we made our name,our gigs means our life and i keep thinking that it´s just the beguin...the band today have some propaganda,sometimes in internet,zines or t-shirts.

VP=Always i keep on my mind that the big triangle of your area was you(from Aracajú)+DELINQUENTES(from Pará) and CÂMBIO NEGRO HC(Recife) you still keep contacts each others??
SILVIO=Today we don´t have contacts,but in the past we was really near one each other...i think that DELINQUENTES is still in activities,but i don´t have any information about CÂMBIO NEGRO HC after Marlio(ex-KARNE KRUA)left them,i lost my contacts with them...and i don´t know if they are still playing.

VP=Silvio edited some zines in 80´s and 90´s,one of them was the amazing BURACAJÚ(that i have the number 8 yet!!!) had the label and store LOKAOS (that i have some tapes from too...)beyond plays in others bands like LOGORRÉIA too...and today??? how is this guy in the SEGIPE scene??
SILVIO=Always i´m keeping in the local underground scene,bands,zines,...some bands broke up...others come back...LOGORRÉIA is back too and i play in others bands and projects today too.

VP=what are the biggest influences today in your work with KARNE KRUA?? And how comes the idea to use a piece of ZÉ RAMALHO song in your cd"em carne viva"(that i think it was great!!)??
SILVIO=old punk rock/hc and some influences of 80´s trash...ZÉ RAMALHO always was inspiring,in fact the poem in the beguin of the song "de repente" the idea was to he made this,unfortunatelly don´t happens,he was ok to do this,but their producer difficulty this a lot looking for money,and our record is a project with help of FAC(fofão´s note=a little help of govermment to independent musicians)then we made without their participation...then we dedicates that song to he and we used a little prhase of one of their song.

VP=Why "KARNE KRUA" ??(Note:the band name means something like "Raw Meat")...
SILVIO=we´re the lively meat that feeds the system...the "raw meat" are all of us that feeling in the skin(meat)all types of aggression=policial aggression,nuclear,rascist...all you feel in the meat=skin.

VP=What´s the news now?? did you have palyed many gigs?? any new record is coming?? and about comes to play here in d.f.??
SILVIO=No,we aren´t play many gigs,but always many great,yeah i have a work to release in this year yet called "INANIÇÃO"("Starvation") play there in d.f. i hope to be great! to see old friends and be together in a cool local gig.we will enjoy a lot!

VP=What do you know about the scene in d.f.?? what bands you enjoy?? and what bands you´d like to play together?
SILVIO=I know many things...some bands i don´t know if is still active...but i enjoy Death Slam,Besthöven,Terror Revolucionário,D.F.C.,I enjoyed a lot Disgrace i think that band was many split the stage with bands that are like us in the fight,being metal,punk,grind,death...always is cool and the prinicipal is the respect between all.

VP=You are in "myspace" just few time is being the divulgation and reception of people is nice in the "internet" ways?
SILVIO=Yeah,i think it all help with the divulgation and is something really positive.
ADRIANO=it is many good all this divulgation in internet...for who don´t know KARNE KRUA works can be know well...

VP=And the "MEAT"(KARNE) is still "RAW"(KRUA)?

VP=And is words...
SILVIO=We´d like to thanx for interesting,interview and divulgation,thank you very much.
Karne Krua live-december 2007;

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