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Now an interview with D-BEAT NOISE CRUSTIES GO FILTH GO!!! From Greece!!
They just released two new split EPS with BESTHÖVEN and ELECTRIC FUNERAL from Sweden...and are going to their first European tour.....

VXPX=So...let´s begin with a short history about the band...when was formed....what motivated you to start the band...etc....
GFG=The band was formed by two good friends, Maou and Dimitris, in winter 2008. Both of us really wanted to play in a raw d-beat punk band and that’s the reason we got together. We started rehearsing just the two of us and managed to create some songs. After a while we decided to make it a full band so we asked from our close friends, Thanos and Mike (a.k.a. Sam), to join in vocals and bass. And that was it. We begun practicing all together and wrote a bunch of songs that were recorded in November 2009 and used for our debut tape and two split 7”.

VXPX=Did the members played in other bands before? or are playing in others bands also? or projects...etc....
GFG=Yes they are. Dimitris, Mike and Thanos (that’s 3 out of 4 GFG members) play together in an old school black metal called BLACK TRINITY. Maou and Dimitris also play together in a noisecore band called MELANOCETUS MURRAYI and recently started practicing with a friend on a gore/grind project called ACTIVE STENOSIS. Maou plays drums in an ultra fast blasting hardcore band called PHINEAS GAGE.
Also he used to sing for crust/grinders TERRORISMO MUSICAL. Michael plays guitar in a crustcore band called DYSPNEA. That’s all for now. But perhaps new project pop out in the future. Also notice that all members on all these projects are friends!

VXPX=Why the name GO FILTH GO? what is the biggest reason you chose this name? and what you want to express with the name??
GFG=First of all it’s the name of a GORE BEYOND NECROPSY record and we love those fuckers (especially Maou, who is the one who thought about it)!!! It is also a great name because it is kind of unique, cool-sounding and differs from most names. We also like the meaning of it since we play filthy raw and noisy d-beat punk!!!

VXPX=What are your biggest influences? beyond DISCLOSE, etc...
GFG=Yeah, DISCLOSE is our biggest influence! Also bands like D-CLONE,SCATTER BRAINS,CONTRAST ATTITUDE,ELECTRIC FUNERAL, and of course classics like DISCHARGE,MOB 47 and BESTHÖVEN. Also noise of any kind! And true punk!

VXPX=Who writes the lyrics? and what are the most themes are you talking about today??
GFG=Thanos, our vocalist, writes most of the lyrics. It’s either his ideas or something we all thought about and he wrote. Our songs talk about things that trouble us in today’s society, such as state violence, oppression, new age slavery, environmental issues, the problem of racism and more. They talk about things we love or things we hate. Also about some more personal issues. About punk. And all that kind of stuff…

VXPX=Can you tell us what is the lyrics for the "Kawakami´s Nightmare" song??
GFG=It speaks of a world with no true punks & no alcohol! Haha… Of course we do it in a kind of funny way and with TOTAL respect to Kawakami!

VXPX=Your tape was released...so is this your first official release?? how many copies you did? and how is being the response about the tape??
GFG=Yes, “No espace from noise distruction” is our first release. It’s a pro-tape, we did 500 pieces and it’s going pretty well. Most of them are already sold. Anyone that is interested can contact us and get a copy. Two split 7” followed, one with BESTHÖVEN and one with ELECTRIC FUNERAL. One can get those from distros all around. We are going also to take part in a 4-way split 7” called “Victims” that will be released by Detonate records from Denmark and will feature ELECTRIC FUNERAL, EXITHIPPIES,FILTH MILITIA and us. We are also taking part in a 12” LP comp with 10 greek punk bands that is a benefit for political prisoners in Greece.
And more shit is still to come…

VXPX=We are doing a split ep soon also (with BESTHÖVEN) what do you can talk about this?? and what you expect from this DIS-SPLIT???
GFG=This will be our first split and we are very happy about it! We are REALLY excited! BESTHÖVEN is a great, long-lasting and dedicated band of the genre, so it’s our pleasure to do this split with you. It is also our first 7” so it is a big deal for us. We want about this split is to be released and distributed fast so that we share our noise with all people. Enjoy d-beat and noise!!!

VXPX=How is the scene in your area today?? bands? zines? labels? There’s a CRUST scene???
GFG=The greek punk scene is pretty nice. Music-wise there’s punk, hardcore, crust, grindcore, d-beat… and also some cool zines and labels to check out. Also some collectives that organize punk gigs and stuff. Most of our friends play in a band and most of them are good. So that’s a great thing.

VXPX=are you a DISCORE band?? what do you think about this theme.
GFG=We love d-beat! We love everything about it. We want to see bands play d-beat and do it with passion and dedication. And it doesn’t matter if there are a lot of them, as long as they are true and love what they do. And as a friend said:
Keep that d-beat rolling! Fuck the hype!

VXPX=DISCLOSE top ten songs to you are =
GFG=let’s say… tragedy / nightmare or reality / armed for killing / surrender / once the war started / mass death & destruction / fear of the nuclear age / just another warsystem / children not knowing peace / future extinction

VXPX=So, this is it....feel free to add anything else.....cheers!
GFG=Fofao, thank you so much about the interview and the interest and also for doing this split with us. We also thank everyone that bought our stuff and came to our gigs. To get in touch with us for any reason,
contact us here: gofilthgo@live.com
or at:
p.o. box 50616
54013 thessaloniki

Check here for info and more: gofilthgo.blogspot.com


Cheers ’n’ beers to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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