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Now an interview with my friend Rafael ,a Brazilian guy living in Japan…for years and years in the scene and working a lot with their bands,label,etc…..This is an interview with DARGE but this goes beyond of course!! Rafael talk about your works in Japan,DARGE,N.E.K. and KARASU KILLER records!!!
And I´d like to say that this interview will be soon in MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL magazine!!

01-Well,Rafael,I´d like that you beguin this talking about your history into the scene…When you moved to Japan and how is the scene in Gifu city also how DARGE was formed?

Rafael: When I arrived here in 2004 I had without any knowledge of where to find a scene Punk / Hardcore, to be honest I had no idea that the city peoples organized gigs in the beginning until I met a local took time! Today I wonder if it had been the first city I lived, I would not really know anything!
The beginning of all was the Nomares was a punk rock band formed in 2005 only by Brazilians, started playing in gigs organized by Brazilian community and sharing the stage with cover bands!!! At that time I had not any idea about the Japanese scene.
The same year I saw a note on the internet that Boka of the Ratos de Porão would be coming to Japan with VitaminX, I informed about the place, was really the first underground gig. That day I met also Answer Record Shop was the first strong contact! I distribute a bunch of demos from there I know the Japanese involved in the scene, working hard, when I came here I could not speak Japanese! But the desire to make this exchange Brazil / Japan was stronger!

I continued playing with Nomares and Steel Injecting a heavy metal band that I joined to play later. In 2006 and 2007 shared the stage with many Japanese bands Nice View, Flash Gordon, Unholy Grave, Mind Of Asian Vivisick, Disgust,Darge and at that time was doing the last presentation for the bassist and drummer were to leave the band, like Oze Darge (guitar / vocals) knew me, he made the invitation for me to play bass, I accepted even though the difficulties of communication , but then thought it would be an interesting band with two nationalities in the same week he invited the drummer Shinnosuke at that time was in J.U.U.M., so complete was the new furious lineup of Darge!

This time that was not reconciling over anything in my life, working 12 hours in a factory and still rehearsing with three bands, was hard!

The Nomares lasted about three years, and ended in early 2008, I was in the band Injecting Steel about 2 years and left the band at the same time that I finished with Nomares.
I kept playing with Darge and in a time later in 2008 formed the N.E.K!
Today I still in Darge and N.E.K. What were the two bands that mix Brazil / Japan, both bands following in intensity chaotic, rehearsing, playing in Japan and beyond, recording and releasing several materials !!!

First, Darge is a band formed in Gifu province, and we always represent it, although I live in Nagoya and Shinnosuke in Mie province, we represent Gifu Grind Hell.
One scene I found many good people, humility, simplicity and friendship! I learned to respect people from the moment it emerged that the first crap, disagreements at the scene of Nagoya, I was more active at the time.

02-Beyond DARGE We know that you are the Singer in N.E.K. also,Tell us about this also…Wich are the principal differences between both bands? And why the name of band is in Spanish language? What are the next steps and news?

Rafael: N.E.K. and Darge are different, in question of the music

N.E.K. Niños En Kombate is in Spanish language, in english the name means children in Combat and in japanese is 幼き兵士達 (Osanaki Heisi) in portuguese Crianças em Combate. we grow and we live in this constant battle for survival, need to work , to have our things and sustain our families, etc. 混沌の兵士!!!! Children that living in a eternal Combat.

We started the band in December 2007 when Rafael( ex-Nomares and former Darge bassist) contacted Maurício who was also past member of Nomares,to start a new band that could sound like Brazilian old punk.
The band needed one more piece to take care of the band´s beats, as they had always been participating in the Nagoya punk & hardcore scene, it took only a few days to find a drummer.
Naito- san (ex-Out of Touch, Atrocity Exhibition, Nausea,Unholy Grave and former C.F.D.L ),joined the band with his ultra-fast Japanese style to combine with Brazilian punk screams and the metallic sound of a thrash-fan guitarist.

The band began with Rafael (vocals), Maurício (guitar), Raphael Mini (bass) and Naito (drums), when the Brazilian left the band in 2009 and 2010, in the bass joined Ozarin Flash Gordon and he left the band in 2010. Currentlymembers Iwane on guitar (Ex-Zilemma) and on bass Fukuchi (Speed Ball)
Remnants of the original line-up Rafael (vocals) and Naito (drums).

Soon will be released the new 7'EP titled"Dekavermes" (DEKA: migrant workers /VERMES: parasitic worm)
DEKAVERMES means malicious Brazilian migrant workers. I named those people who come over to Japan to make troubles, commit crimes and drag down each other between friends DEKAVERME. Totally opposite to the migrant people who have been living and working honest lives.

N.E.K. "Dekavermes" 7"EP Em breve!!! (Too Circle/GivePraise/KarasuKiller)
D.F.C. / N.E.K. Combate Caótico CD "the legend says that one day will be released"

N.E.K. "Gerações Condenadas" (次代の宣告) LP
N.E.K./D.F.C. 混沌の兵士 Combate Caótico - Split 7’EP (Too Circle Records)
Unholy Grave / N.E.K. Split 7EP (Depression Records)
N.E.K/ADA+MAX  "Arroz,Feijao e 味噌汁" Split CD (Hardcore Kitchen)
V/A Banned in Nagoya Vol.2 - N.E.K. 2 songs (Depression Records)
N.E.K. / Septix "Split Cassete" - (Karasu Killer dec2008)
N.E.K. - Niños En Kombate 7'EP (Too Circle Records-jul2008)
N.E.K. - Eco Lapso Demo Cassete (Self-mar2008)
N.E.K. - Demo ensaio- Basement Versions (Self-mar2008) Demo Cassete
N.E.K. - Demo ensaio (Self-Feb.2008) Demo Cassete

We are writing and working hard for a new album next year!!!

03-Tell us about the current line up of DARGE....Are you still with the origianl line up from 2004? The other members are also playing in others bands?

Rafael: No, Darge started in 2004, the guys played in Japan, released a demo and participated in a V / A, but always changing bassist and drummer, in fact the original formation Oze said that today, Oze (guitar / vocals), Raphael (bass / vocals) and Shinnosuke (drums) that began in earnest even!
The Oze currently only dedicate in Darge, as I wrote above I am part of the NEK and Shinnosuke play drums in a band from Gifu called Jubilee, Gothic Punk with female vocals!!!!

04-Tell us a little about your álbum “ÓDIO” wich was released in Brazil…How was the process and the contacts with the labels and are you satisfied with the divulgation of this one? I mean the final result,etc….
Rafael: Most bands that come to Japan to touring, bring materials or release here to sell on the tour, that most of them are tour version materials containing various stages of the band, music compilations, Album, EP, etc. .. Our idea was that it also bring this idea to Brazil, since most of our albums were released here, then select the music from 2007 to 2010 and released the "憎 悪 (zouo) - Ódio-Hate."

Most of the labels I had by my contact with the Karasu Killer Records, then a while before we go to Brazil I contacted various brazilian labels . It was launched on labels from different locations, that was my intention to spread the CD in Brazil, except for the Karasu Killer (Japan), participated in the CD following Brazilian labels, Balboa Discos (São Paulo), Nausearréia Recs (Tocantins), Úlcera Brutal Records (Santa Catarina), Xaninhos Discos Falidos (Belém), Massive Records (Goiás), Parayba Records (Rio de Janeiro) e Overall Records (Rio Grande do Sul).

I think this release was great because many knew our music through this CD, I really have very few copies here, I believe that the distribution in Brazil by local labels was good also !

05-Rafa how was to you,to be back in Brazil doing a tour?? How many gigs did you played here? And how about the possibility to back and do another tour in Brazil again?

Rafael: Really no words, there were 7 years that I was living in Japan without going back to Brazil, this marked the same back when I was children I told family and closest friends, "I will go to Japan and back with my band to play here in Brazil "Done.

There were nine concerts that have gone through Florianópolis, Porto Alegre, Águas Lindas, Goiânia, São Paulo, Vista Alegre do Alto, Indaiatuba, São Paulo e São Caetano do Sul.

From Nagoya to Frankfurt Germany, Frankfurt to Sao Paulo total 32 hours, we arrived in Sao Paulo morning 6am, as always much delay we were leaving there about 9am, it went to the home of Cherry (Hellsakura), time zone, crazy stay up at night because we would get the bus to Floripa and would be the beginning of our adventure!

Floripa on a Wednesday, scroll through the city, beer on the Joaquina's beach , Platforma Rock Bar, rediscovering old friend of Japan, knowing many others, was so mad that I went to unwrap the plastic of my bass case on 10 min before our show, without words about the staff there, the show was crazy it was a guy who could punch the ground, tell you what I thought too brutal to play on the Floripa island!

No sleep, and early in the morning we went to Porto Alegre by bus on a Thursday, sleepy, anarcho punk , incredible peoples, we made great friends, Entre Bar, I drunk 2 liters of wine a punk gave to me , folks wanting information about bands from Japan and I pretty crazy, really surprised South of Brazil, a place I want to come back soon! aahh I was forgetting the X!

Friday morning we took a flight to Brasilia, arriving summer heat, Indião, Romulo, Romario and a van from the city to take us to the Parque da Barragem/Aguas Lindas!!!!
Was great experience for us, more for the Japanese to know that each place is different in Brazil, mainly to see the whole scheme that the people there made on the Gol de Ouro, and need to mention the bus that came from Brasilia, Barbosa and cia! Drunk Ypioca and almost falling asleep at the time the show was a screaming Jaspion, others jumped and clung on the frames of the shed, it was crazy, people wanting to exchange ideas, charisma, it was fucking show! The next day Saturday, Brasilia D.C

From Brasilia follow to Goiania , we find there Mingau (Death from Above), was already almost a week without sleep! We get a day off to recharge their energy, and on Sunday we went to the Capim Pub which was the most insane show I did in my life, shared the stage with WxCxM, Death From Above, Terror Revolucionário and Desastre, unforgettable! The next day we went to São Paulo, we give a few days off, and on Wednesday played with Speed Kills, Nuclear Frost and Noise Punk Bastards of the Unfit Scum, we did a great friendship that resulted in the 4 way is Destruction II, SCCP SP was good show, even though many people came out early because the train or who knows what!
The next day I went to the inside of Vista Alegre and play in an event organized by my old friends, because that day was perfect rediscovered my family, really sno words, ... the force that was needed!

The next day we went to Indaiatuba, where neither the organizer showed up, battery, microphone? had to borrow the last hour, mostly people were drinking in the street and not even paid attention to the bands gig, just entered the bar to buy beer, fuck it!

We played with great bands and people who came to see us, and that is what matters and in the morning we left for Sao Paulo and playing the penultimate show of the tour which would be the Tribute to Olho Seco, nice gig organized by Cherry (Hellsakura), was very anxious because we were going to play with Invasores de Cerebros of Ariel (Restos de Nada), Lobotomia and Hellsakura band that met the guys line up with the Japanese in 2009 and not with the brazilian line up! It was this very special show at the Hangar110 as it could regain a lot of friends who lived in Japan, because the crisis had to come back!
Did not want to end the tour, much less have to go back to Japan, but we went to Sao Caetano do Sul, Cidadão do Mundo to play the last show, ABC, Borella Social Chaos, Gepeto Ação Direta, DZK Barata, Juventude Maldita, and many friends!!!

If I write here all the people who know it would be a giant list, most of the places that I was the first time, made many friends and saw that Brazil is fucking awesome!
It could be here telling stories and more stories about this Brazilian tour, but to summarize, it was insane!

I really want to return to Brazil with Darge again, everything will depend on the Japanese, so finding a free time to travel! We love Brazil!

06-Brazilian/Japanese evil raw thrash metalic crust hardcore punk!! Wich are your favorite bands and influences? And what was the reason to choose the name “DARGE” ?

Rafael: Quote names of bands here is difficult, but some that are active and I really like are Unholy Grave, Disgust, Eternal Elysium, Coffins, and more!
Each band member has a different taste, I listen very old grindcore, punk, hardcore, Thrash, Death, Black Metal, Doom, Stoner, Sludge and classic, Oze like the SDS (Societic Death Slaughter) and European Hardcore and many other hardcore punk bands, Shinnosuke hear some crazy I do not really know! Each of us has different styles, I think this mixture makes the Darge is, I do not know why, but we have fun! Funny that people comment on the gig and we are trying to figure out what style!
This helps us to not get stuck in one particular scene, we are always playing with the peoples of HC Punk and Metal, sometimes with the staff of melodic hardcore and pop punk, and so on, I guess I should not have this separation exists in many places.
About the name Darge was the Japanese who put and have no meaning, tell him not to arrest anybody the name.

07-We know that you are really acitive in the scene,beyond DARGE and N.E.K.
Do you have also the label KARASU KILLER ,Tell us a little about your label,lãs releases and upcoming also?
Rafael: The Karasu Killer was born in 2006, releasing material at the beginning of Brazilian bands in Japan, despite all the difficulties there are in a relentless struggle to show good bands. Today not only Brazilian bands from other countries as well.
Today I have great partners, thus having a greater distribution of our materials, and speaking a little Japanese also greatly facilitates the work!
The scene in Japan is very organized and all very intense, everything happens, it is wavering back, the thing is have the will power and make it happen!

Though today it is difficult to make any month releases, many are not interested, that is we are working hard for those interested in our materials!
The latter release was 4 Way for Destruction II CD e o Defy/Terror Revolucionário split 7'EP
For 2012 The Black Coffins / Infamous Glory split CD, NITAD "Samlad Värld" CD,N.E.K. "Dekavermes"7'EP, Social Chaos 革命の息 Revolutions Breath + Alive in Finland + The End EP CD,O Mito da Caverna s/t CD,and much more!!!!

In the USA I have partnership with Give Praise that distribute my releases and In Brazil now I have partnership with Equivokke Records my friend Filipe Freitas from São Paulo, together we are working hard for next year release good stuffs!

08-I take the CD “4 Way for Destruction II” ,And this is really nice! Tell us a little about this work about the bands,the idea to use the great artist Murilo (UNFIT SCUM) for do the artsleeve also….the CD will have a vynil edition also??

Rafael: On tour in 2010 with Darge I knowed Death from Above and Unfit Scum, who were one of those bands that caught our attention, when I back to Japan and continued contact, as I had in 2009 released the 4 Way For Destruction (Darge, Encroached, Massacre em Alphaville, under the ruins) was the idea to release in 2011 vol.2.
At the end of 2010 I invited the guys from Brazil to participate in this V / A, as confirmed at the same time our great friends of Disgust from Nagoya, so we started the project in early 2011 to release in August in Brazil and Japan without any delay!

Two great artists who I did friendship Jef, who did the beautiful cover of the Darge DVD, and Murilo who made the art of the 4 Way for Destruction II, and the result is there for all to see, great job.

We are working on the vinyl 12' version 4 Way for Destruction II, I believe it will come out in 2012.
Participate in this release Karasu Killer Recs Japan, USA Give Praise and some label from Brazil, Equivokke Recs,Ultra Violence Recs, Lazybones Recs and maybe Australia! What I can say now is this, Soon I will have more informations!

09-When I think about Japan in sametime I remember my old friend Kawakami,That always was helping bands from Brazil and all the world also…and to me specially for that years and years of friendship….

Rafael: We remember Kawakami san with great respect, was a guy who did a lot of noise and did much for the Japanese scene, surely essential.

10-DARGE artsleeve are great also! How comes the ideas to do the sleeves? How do you choose the artist and who is doing your arts nowadays?

Rafael: When we have the lyrics, our message, we decide tittle and have the idea for the cover! We don't ike to copy anything from anyone!
About art, Desespero 7'EP was the first work of actual line up, I did with some collage art, characters, terrorists, whores, manic, atrocities, and things of everyday Japanese conservative society that sometimes I stressed!
The cover of Desespero and "憎 悪 (zouo) - Ódio" CD was the Napalm (Hellsakura), 4WayForDestruction Thiago (D.E.R.) and the last two works released the cover of "憎 悪 - Ódio" Brazil Tour 2010 DVD was made by Jefferson Pizone (Unfit Scum / Helvetin Viemärit) and cover 4 Way for Destruction II CD / LP by Murilo Pommer (Unfit Scum)
Today who are drawing our covers is a Japanese friend Shunsuke (G.I.D), he make the arts of Karasu Killer Records, always make flyers of my gigs, cover the last 7'EP N.E.K., and some others like the cover of an LP See You in Hell "attack" that was released in the United States, Equivokke Recs logo, and many others!
Darge had two logo, I will post soon, and he who signed the cover of our next two splits with Aberrant Hellsakura, that will be release very soon!

11—Next steps?
Rafael: For 2012 we have a agenda until May 27th when we will play last at the Festival Grind Bastards2012 with Unholy Grave and also participate in a V/A CD with 1 song, then after this the band will stop with gigs and focus on a new album, since we started played nonstop, We will not break up the band, but take a break.

12-And now the end....The end is near.....It´s time to say…………….
Rafael: Thanks Fofão my brother for this interview!!! Much respect you!!!
Thanks to all that have supported and helped us! anyway we will be eternally grateful for you! And Who does not like the band can be sure that will not make any difference in our lives!


SPLIT 7'EP w/Hellsakura (Brazil) "Tropical Mud" (Grind Block / Karasu Killer / Hiroshima)
SPLIT 7'EP w/Aberrant (USA) (Grind Block / Karasu Killer / Moribundo / BlastHead)
4 WAY FOR DESTRUCTION II LP Darge 3 songs (Karasu Killer Records-Japan/ and more)
4 WAY FOR DESTRUCTION II CD Darge 3 songs (Karasu Killer Records-Japan/ TBonTB Brazil)
DARGE '憎悪 - Ódio' CD - 2010 (Karasu Killer - Brazil/Japan)
4 WAY FOR DESTRUCTION CD - 2010 Darge 5 songs (Karasu Killer Records-Japan/ Cospe Fogo - Brazil)
DARGE 'Desespero' CD - 2009 (MCR Company - Japan)
DARGE 'Desespero' 7'EP - 2009 (Black Seeds Europe-Asia)
DARGE / SECRET SECT split tape -2009 (Morbid Massakre - USA)
V/A Noise of Mind vol.2 CD - 2007 (Darge 2 songs)
DARGE 'Scum Society' CD-r - 2006 (DIY - Japan)


N.E.K. "Dekavermes" 7"EP Em breve!!! (Too Circle/GivePraise/KarasuKiller)
D.F.C. / N.E.K. Combate Caótico CD Soon!
N.E.K. "Gerações Condenadas" (次代の宣告) LP
N.E.K./D.F.C. 混沌の兵士 Combate Caótico - Split 7’EP (Too Circle Records)
Unholy Grave / N.E.K. Split 7EP (Depression Records)
N.E.K/ADA+MAX  "Arroz,Feijao e 味噌汁" Split CD (Hardcore Kitchen)
V/A Banned in Nagoya Vol.2 - N.E.K. 2 songs (Depression Records)
N.E.K. / Septix "Split Cassete" - (Karasu Killer dec2008)
N.E.K. - Niños En Kombate 7'EP (Too Circle Records-jul2008)
N.E.K. - Eco Lapso Demo Cassete (Self-mar2008)
N.E.K. - Demo ensaio- Basement Versions (Self-mar2008) Demo Cassete
N.E.K. - Demo ensaio (Self-Feb.2008) Demo Cassete


NOMARES "rasCUnhos 2005-2008 (E.A.S.T.Peace Records/Japan)
NOMARES "Pensamento Mal" CD-r (Karasu Killer Records001/Japan)


(KARASU000) Social Chaos 革命の息 Revolutions Breath CD (KarasuKiller/Equivokke)
(KARASU000) O Mito da Caverna s/t CD (Equivokke/KarasuKiller)
(KARASU000) Rot "Old Dirty Grindcore 2" digipack CD (Equivokke/KarasuKiller)
(KARASU000) 4 Way for Destruction II LP (KarasuKiller/Equivokke)
(KARASU000) Groaning Groove LP (distribuição exclusiva Equivokke Brasil)
(KARASU000) Zudas Crust 7'EP
(KARASU000) Aberrant / D.E.R. Split CD (Karasu Killer)

(KARASU041) The Black Coffins X Infamous Glory_Burial_Breed_split CD
(KARASU040) Nitad "samlad värld" CD
(KARASU038) N.E.K. "Dekavermes" (DEKA: migrant workers /VERMES: parasitic worm) 7"EP
(KARASU037) Mahatma Gangue "Surfe e destrua" CD
(KARASU036) V/A 4WAYFORDESTRUCTION II CD Darge/Death From Above/Disgust/Unfit Scum CD
(KARASU035) Phobia Punk Rockers & ARD "Vida Punk" CD
(KARASU034) Gangrena Gasosa “Se Deus é 10 Satanás é 666" (Because God can even be 10, but 666 is SATAN! ) CD
(KARASU033) POSSUÍDO PELO CÃO "Possessed in the Circle Pit" LP
(KARASU032) N.E.K. "Gerações Condenadas - 次代の宣告" LP
(KARASU031) Social Chaos Ciclo da Traicao CD
(KARASU030) Muzzarelas - We Rock you suck CD
(KARASU029) Aberrant "Complete Grindworks" 2LP
(KARASU028) Galinha Preta 'Ajuda Nois ae' Digipack CD
(KARASU027) Darge_憎悪 - Odio CD
(KARASU026) V/A 4WAYFORDESTRUCTION CD - Darge / Massacre em Alphaville / Encroached / Under the Ruins CD
(KARASU025) Bandanos - "We crush your mind with the thrash inside" LP
(KARASU024) Crucial Section "Against The Wind EP" CD
(KARASU022) Filhotinho "F-Crew" CD
(KARASU021) Repudio - “Pra que Entender?” CD
(KARASU020) Cu Sujo & Agathocles - Abstract split CD
(KARASU019) Ruina – Ruina CD
(KARASU018) Nerds Attack! & Nossa Vinganca - Split CD
(KARASU017) N.E.K. / Septix – Split Cassete
(KARASU016) Discarga- Musica Pra Guerra CD
(KARASU015) Alarme - Starving Wolves and Death Machine Inc CD
(KARASU014) Mukeka di Rato/Hero Dishonest - Burzum Marley Split CD
(KARASU013) Os Estudantes - Album! CD
(KARASU012) Muzzarelas – Beergod CD
(KARASU011) D.E.R. - Quando a Esperanca Desaba CD
(KARASU010) HellSakura / Kamisori Split CD
(KARASU009) Merda & Leptospirose - Lecker! split CD
(KARASU008) F.Y.P - Toilet Kids Bread CD (site-fora de estoque)
(KARASU007) Acao Direta - Resistirei - 1987/1992 - Os Primeiros Anos CD
(KARASU006) O Inimigo - Todos Contra Um 7"EP
(KARASU005) Halé - Lixo Extraordinário CD
(KARASU004) Little Quail and the Mad Birds – Demo Tapes CD
(KARASU003) Los Canos – Cada Dia Mais Limpo e Romântico CD
(KARASU002) Merda – Eu Tenho Pena Dos Insetos Que Me Picam CD
(KARASU001) Nomares – “Pensamento Mal” CD-r

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