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And now an interview with my frind JO from Canada...who have made tons of cool works in the punk scene like your cool zine BORN 20 YEARS TOO LATE...and played in TRIOXIN 245 too...to name a few... GERM ATTAK have played a lot and made a lot of cool releases!! played in USA for 3 times and now with a european tour beguining... Let´s go!!! VP-first i..d like to ask something before GERM ATTAK... specially for TRIOXIN 245...can you say what happened?? TRIOXIN 245 is broke up??...or do a short break and back to play and record again??.... JO:Yes,Trioxin245's on a break right now. we havn't played live in about a year! hehe ..We where talking about recording new songs lately.Half the band lives 2 hours away in Montreal.it should work well since we have a good studio set up now. VP-What about you amazing(!!)zine BORN 20 YEARS TOO LATE??? last time you said that are not doing it anymore...what..s so sad...since zines in true paper format are getting less and less today....and your zine was great a lot!! What is the reason you are not doing the zine more?? JO: The reason is plain and simple: I don't have enough time to do it anymore! I have a son now and i watch him all day long,so i don't have much time to do fun stuff like doing zines!Im sure one day i will do another punk fanzine.Just not anytime soon. VP-well back to the GERM ATTAK !! .... Why "GERM ATTAK"?? the reason of the name... and why you use "ATTAK" and not "attack"?? JO: "Germ Attack" is the name of a Dayglo Abortions song. I didn't name the band.I think its will who did,but he won't admit to it since Dayglo Abortions is considered a joke these days.On our first gig flyer i wrote it with no "C" to make us sound cool. Thank god i did,because there's an older band from Germany called "GERM ATTACK". I don't really like the name of the band.I tried changing it a few months after we had started the band,but the other two didn't want to change it,so now we're stuck with it. VP-well...hearing your stuff we can see tons of old punk hardcore influences like old CHAOS UK,DISORDER,and tons of old school Finland stuffs too in your work...etc... why you decided to do a band in this way of music?? what are your biggest influences and inspirations in your work with GERM ATTAK ?? JO: We went with the old UK sound ,especially band like CHAOS UK,because its very simplistic.We didn't know how to play our instruments when we started the band,so we had to play easy songs. I think of of the first songs we ever played was a SPECIAL DUTIES cover.We like the classic 80's uk bands like SKEPTIX,VICE SQUAD,THE ENEMY,BLITZ,CHRON GEN because they are catchy.Old Finnish bands like KAAOS,BASTARDS,KOULEET KUKAT have a really cold feel to them.Also alot of raw fast HC stuff like BGK,RAPRESAGLIA,UBR,ENOLA GAY,VORKRIEGSPHASE etc. VP-I saw you mentioned the Brazilian INOCENTES in your influences too...and i think it..s great!! since in the begining of 80..s INOCENTES was fucking great!!! what others old brazilian band have influenced you in some way....or just you enjoy...etc...??? JO: All the big names!: ULSTER,RATOS DE PORAO,COLERA,LOBOTOMIA,LIXOMANIA,ARMAGEDOM.We have covered a few OLHO SECO songs in the past.I also like bands like SARCOFAGO,MX,CHAKAL,DORSAL ATLANTICA,SEPULTURA,ATTOMICA,KORZUS... raw Brazilian metal! VP-Some project to play here some day??? JO: We would do it if someone could drive us around Brazil and book the tour for us. VP-What about you ep "ZAPATISTA" released in USA by WHISPERS IN THE DARKNESS records???....how happened the invitation to release this...etc...??? and why you chose the ZAPATISTAS like a font of inspiration?? have you learning and enjoyed their attitudes?? histories...etc...??? JO:That record was recorded at the same time as the first 7inch "Canadian Concentration Camp" .I send the songs to a friend and Frank from Whispers heard it at his house and offered to release it. If only things where always that simple!Zapatistas are a group of armed aboriginal people in the south of Mexico.They have successfully liberated an area in Chiapas without using some bullshit communist platform like so many other failed south and central american revolutionaries.I think the right to self determination by any means necessary is very important.They have successfully used the media to get international support. VP-What about your upcoming LP??? JO:The new LP features a different bass player,Simex.Eric quit the band a few month ago.Its a bit more punk,a bit less hardcore.Its released by Yellow Dog in Germany. Also MCR company is doing a CD version and Black Konflik is doing a cassette version.They all come with different packaging.Its great to have these labels help us out! There's also a new 7inch out called "Molokai".its from the same recording session as the "A Black Future" 7inch. VP-And what about your new and current TOUR??? How many gigs you will play?? how many places and some great bands you will play with??? JO-We are doing 32 days in Europe.Im not to sure with who we're playing... a few bands i know are CRIMINAL DAMAGE,INEPSY,DEFIANCE,TROPEIZO.... So its going to be fun seeing these great bands. these are the tour dates: APRIL 2009 th 30/4 germany – berlin MAY 2009 fr 1/5 denmark – copenhagen sa 2/5 sweden – gothenborg su 3/5 norway – oslo mo 4/5 sweden – stockholm tu 5/5 sweden – malmö we 6/5 germany – hamburg th 7/5 germany – mülheim fr 8/5 belgium - Brussel sa 9/5 belgium – kortrijk su 10/5 france – reims mo 11/5 france – paris tu 12/5 france – dijon we 13/5 france – metz th 14/5 france -- st etienne fr 15/5 italy -- alessandria sa 16/5 switzerland – basel su 17/5 italy – bologna mo 18/5 italy – gorizia tu 19/5 slovenia we 20/5 austria – vienna th 21/5 czech republic – pardubice fr 22/5 czech rep – brno sa 23/5 czech rep – roznov su 24/5 slovakia - bardejov mo 25/5 poland – lublin tu 26/5 poland – warszaw we 27/5 czech rep – prague th 28/5 ????????????????? fr 29/5 germany – nünchritz sa 30/5 germany – dresden su 31/5 germany – berlin VP-any plane to tour in overseas ...like USA or Japan...for example??? JO: Well technically the USA is not overseas! its an hour drive from here. but its difficult to get into that country!Japan would be great as well,but getting someone to organize a tour for us there is near impossible!We have been to the USA three times and it was fun. There's not many good places to play here in Eastern Canada! VP-list your discography...and some places and contacts address to who that want hear your music!!! 2005 split demo with ICBM cdr/tape 2005 chaos non musica demo 2006 canadian concentraion camp 7'' 2007 zapatista 7" 2007 split with 2 KOMPONENTZ cdr/tape 2007 ouroboros lp/cd 2008 live with THRUSH cdr/tape 2008 a bleak future 7'' 2009 molokai 7' 2009 they live we sleep lp/cd/tape + theres alot of unreleased demos ,live and covers... contact: www.yellowdog.de/ www.dance.ne.jp/~mcr/ jo germ attak 86 saint-hyacinthe gatineau,quebec J8X 2V2,Canada VP-And now the end...the end is near...it..s time to say.... JO-our last goodbye! its doomsday doomsday,the end of the world! www.myspace.com/germattak +NOTA EM PORTUGUêS= Aqui no Brasil vocês podem adquirir o "live with THRUSH" cdr...com encarte...incluindo cover do KAAOS..muito foda!! pela bagatela de 5 reais...através da DISCÖRDIA records...cópias limitadas,então pegue o seu logo!! discordiarecords@hotmail.com

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