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This is an interview i made with JIM who played in SQUANDERED and lots of others great bands and projects...Jim said me that SQUANDERED was just a project and that this interview is not "relevant" to publish since that SQUANDERED "never existed outside of 1 studio recording",but i decided to publish it...first ; SQUANDERED stuff is amzing!! and the interview is really cool and is about others Jim´s works too..
This was published in VERMYNOZE PUTRIDA Number 31...

VP=Hy Jim!...Well,first tell us a short history about SQUANDERED...the band was formed firstelly like "CRACKED COP SKULLS" i´m right? what´s the reason to change the name?
JIM=SQUANDERED was only a project band(one 4 hour reahearsal followed by an 8 hour recording session next day) I ended my involviment with CRACKED COP SKULLS following various issues of distrust and disagreemment with the C.C.S. drummer.However I wished to honour commitments that i made to various people for provide material for some record projects so i formed SQUANDERED with C.C.S. guitarrist Rat but this time with a different drummer ;Stick(DOOM,E.N.T.,etc...and currently RUIN).

JIM=As a metafor for waste.be it time or ecological.Whatever relates to our everyday existence and it´s potential downfall.

VP=Are you a "Discore" band ? what is your vision on DISCORE? and what do you think about a lot of bad things that peoples had saying about the Discore be a fashion and others shits ?
JIM=We never intended to be a "DISCORE" band.i have no views on Discore except to say that(like so many other people)we obviously had a mesured appreciation of the importance of DISCHARGE as an influential band,althought inspiration does not have to mean blindly replicating all of the inherent qualities that they displayed.if people say "bad things" then that is their entitlement but it is only an opinion.Criticism only has validity if there are elements of truth in the debate.If you have confidence in your own methods and aspirations then mere words should not hurt you.Rise above.

VP=Who are in the line up now ? i know that your members played too in others great bands like NAPALM DEATH,RIPCORD,FILTHKICK,SORE THROAT,etc....who played where ?
JIM=There is no line up now,we only existed as a studio project band.I have not been in contact with Rat for a long time and also Stick lives too far away.As to the bands mentioned,i played bass at various points in time with alkl of them a long time ago...80´s...

VP=Who write the lyrics ? and what about are your themes ?
JIM=I wrote all of the lyrics and music.Themes includes enviromental degradation ,governmental interference in our lives and the lack of rights to self determination,hollow aspirations of the materialistic...subjects that have been writen about by many other bands past present and no doubt in the future.

VP=Your current favorite bands ??...and influences...
JIM=Too many to mention...my interest in Punk Rock goes back to 1977(i´m 42 years old...)

VP=What do you know and enjoy from Brazil underground scene ?
JIM=Old bands like OLHO SECO,RDP,PSYCHIC POSSESSOR,etc...even thought their records have never been too easy to obtain in this country,maybe today i do not have too much knowledge of current brazilian bands...please excuse my ignorance.

VP=How is the scene in your area ? and what are the good bands playing there ?
JIM=There are not mny good bands that i know of in my area.Seemingly too many people imitating what they see on mtv and in mainstream music media.

VP=Do you are involved with some others underground works ? zines,labels,other bands/projects...?
JIM=My current band involviment is called CRUELTY, We soon have a 7' ep with DISCLOSE released in Japan,USA and Europe(DAN DOH,ROOM 101 and PLAGUE BEARER).Also 1 song in PROFANE EXISTENCE 2Xcd TRIBUTE/BENEFIT COMPILATION in memory of Stig,vocalist of ICONS OF FILTH who died many months ago.Maybe we will record others things but Mike(drummer)soon relocates to Sweden and Legh(bass/vocal) will live in Denmark and so continuation may be too difficulty?

VP=Your DIScography...
4 songs on split ep w/ DISCLOSE-1997-DAN DOH & NO FASHION RECORDS

VP=Final words...
JIM=Enjoy your time while you can...

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