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Amazing and raw fucking CRUST from Indonesia!!!

VP=Please,give us a short introduction about the history of PEACE OR ANNIHILATION...when was formed...etc...
POA=Peace Or Annihilation was formed in 2004 with 5 pieces of individual that usually hanging around, talked/discussed, organized some show, organized food not bombs, etc together in that time, after that we try to make a band with the sound so much like discharge, AntiCimex and Moderat Likvidation. So the first line up are Buzz: vocals, Ari: bass, Andras: Drum, Toto: guitar and Black: guitar. With this line-up resulted our 1st demo tape “Reborn And Distort” and our 1st album “Dis-Nightmare Still Continues” with cd-r format. Then Black decide to leave the band because he must focus on his main band, so just 4 of us left and still going on today and resulted our 2nd album on tape “Horrific Disturbing Vision Of War” and an Ep on cd-r called “Demolition Of Raw Assault-Skull Fucking Armageddon”, until Andras decide to continue his study in the U.S. (he will be back). and now we still use additional player for handling the drumkit.

VP=Why "PEACE OR ANNIHILATION"?? This is just a "hail" to CRUCIFIX ??
POA=After we try to looking up really hard a name for the band, we decide to used the title of the spoken word from Crucifix that to us it’s really,really powerfull and had a good meaning, and in the last word that Shaira scream so loud ‘PEACE OR ANNIHILATION’ and to us it was something easier to remind in everyone head. Yeaaa…of course we really like Crucifix so much!!!

VP=How is the CRUST scene in your area?? good bands...zines....gigs...etc???
POA=The crust scene here nowday is really grown up, but there is always up and down since the arrival of this genre in 1996/97. Not so many people are into crust, so it will be so hard to organize some total crust gigs in here, usually they played with another punk genre in one gigs, always like that until now. Of course there is a total crust gig but it must be really small and not so many people come. Yeaa…in the spirit of playing discrust we have so many good bands here, like ZUDAS KRUST that really productive now after their 3 way split with RAJOITUS and ABNORM, KONTRA SOSIAL who just releasing their 1st new album on cd, HELLOWAR who have 2 album and will be have a split with us under Disarmament Rec (Malaysia) then will have Malaysia and Singapore tour on November , BULLET PROOF, A SYSTEM RIJEK, WAVE OF FEAR, SATELLITE who was exist in very long time and soon DIY Rec. from Japan will be releasing their discography, TOTAL BANXAT and we think you knew this guys??, MURDERAT and many more. The zines is not so many, because so many people are to lazy, we think. There is only 4 zines who are into d-beat/crust/punk in here. Or maybe the internet can give with easier what they want hahaha….

VP=you consider like a CRUST band??? D-BEAT band??
POA=We think we consider our band is D-BEAT band, because we really take many influence from 80s d-beat band from around the worlds than the pure crust bands. And none of us always listening crust everyday, and we never did some cover songs from crust bands. We really like the energetic and powerfull of the raw feeling, it’s feel like breaking down the separate walls, there is no need so many skillfull to play that could make people would be far away from creating.

VP=What are your biggest influences?? or favorite bands....??
POA=Discharge, there is where the extreme musics came from, AntiCimex, Moderat Likvidation and MOB 47.

VP=I think that you are many creative and original...since i see your "axe" paper sleeve in one of your demo!! really cool....and then the "digipack" sleeve of your tape(really nice too)....how much copies you did since release???
POA=Thank you very much Fafao, first thing that why we made like that because we thought about the budget that we must spend for creating, we’re all had a small budget in that day, so we must looking for a cheap way, the axe paper sleeve actually made from the cardboard that not use anymore, so we recycled and we glued. And, in here there is so many people not respected with cd-r, if we make a usual demo with cd-r it will be easier to thrown away. Then we just think how the people will respecting it??, and would to keep it as their collections. The tape, actually we just want to let everyones know about how expensive the commercial industries sell their product, and we just want to give the information to everyones about creating something by themselves with the cheap way. The tape maybe we made about 200 copies, and the axe cd-r we made about 100 copies.

VP=why sing about war?? are you think that human race will have some type of true peace some day???
POA=Because there is still so many wars in everywhere, even the first punk band not yet appear and write about wars lyrics, there is so many wars was going on until now. Human was forgetting their equal as a humanbeing, they are all separated and take some differential among them because of the nations, religion, race, and many more. Dominations and greed of power creating the injustice to all the human beings, creating a different type of human base on class, that’s why there is a war still going on, and there is so many protest lyrics about that, including our band write that too, we are all hate war and stupidity illusions. If we believe in peace, maybe somedays it may have come, even we are all not exist anymore in this world. Yeaaa…right, hoping there is no more protest songs again!!. But we don’t know what happen next if all mankind nowdays living their life with such of revenge. So many kids with the ages of 3 -5 year witnesses with their eyes how their parents and family die. Living their life in blindness and all in their heads just total revenge, no longer to use their hearts anymore. What happen to the story of mankind today will be effecting to the future of mankind in this world. “Yesterday Fear Tomorrow Nightmares”

VP=what about your cd now on BLACK SEEDS Records?? any news to comment about??
POA=Yeaahh…it was great!! Thank you very much for Jerry of Black Seeds Rec. for re-releasing our 2nd album into cd and give the chance to reaching the place that so far away from us.

VP=what is your line up today?? and say if your members are doing some others works in the scene there(playing in others bands/projects...doing zines...distros,etc...)what are your ages...and what do you do in "normal lifes"...jobs...etc...
POA=Nowdays we only had additional in the drum to replace Andras (23 year) for a while. Roy, the drummer from Zudas Krust was played in our split project with Hellowar it will be releasing under Disarmament Rec., split cd with Blinded Humanity will be releasing under Azaghdei Rec., and then split 7”with Kruel will be releasing under Yellow Dogs Rec. Roy now had to be focused in his main band, and we replaced with Iink. Toto (32 year) our guitarist played in the punkrock band called Dead Germs as a bassis, and he run a small distro and t-shirt printing with his friend. Ari (32 year) played in the hc/punk band called The Idiots as a vocalist, and played bass in Grave Dancers, he run a distro and a fanzine called Hantam Stagnansi that had 11 edition now. Buzz (29 year) is out of duty from Satellite now hahaha….he only focused in Peace Or Annihilation and his full time job as a bartender. And all of us always involved too in others activities such like organizing DIY shows/benefits shows, Food Not Bombs, zines campaign, etc.

VP=how is life there? is hard to be a punk there? how peoples or fucking police treat you there? is hard to find a job being a punk there? i mean to be using "dirty look" or "crazy hair"...etc....
POA=it’s so fucking hard to be living in Indonesia, we had long economic crisis until now, the country debt forced all of us to have responsibility for that, its really,really bullshit. Everything became expensive and it’s not balance for what we had from our salary. To be punk in here is not really hard today, because it’s more populars now than 10 years ago. The media, mainstream industries, MTV was blown it up tobe commercialized. We think not only punk had threated by the police in here, they always threat everyones in the street, so many police corrupt in here just looking for the money, so that’s why they always threat everyones just asking for money. Something that make us worried is some group of fasis fundamentalis religious fanatics and the group of tribes. This is the government tools on the grass root that always make terror than the police, and the police seem to protected them. To get a job? Yes its really,really hard, not only for punk, many people are jobless and poor, there is a little chance to get a job. But it’s not so hard to find such like hard job for the small wage, but it’s like slavery. For example, you can find a job like build some house, or washing plates in the restaurant in 8 hour with the salary U.S $5 a day.

VP=how are the gigs there?? what types of places you have to play?? and say to us some good local bands too....and say if others bands are touring there sometimes...etc...
POA=In here almost every gigs are festivals gigs, with 10 – 25 bands played, because with so many bands play, there will be so many people will come to see, and we got the money from the ticket that we will use for rent the place and the equipment. It’s so hard to organizing some gigs in here, because everything that we must rent its so expensive. Usually we run some collective gigs which is the money came from the bands who want to play and from the entrance tickets, so it’s seems like everyones who comes to the gigs are the organizers and have responsibility to take care the shows , it is impossible if there is only 5 bands will play, because it really-really spend a lot of money for the bands and no ones will do that, then the price of the entrance tickets will be so expensive too, and no body will come to see, the effective way there is must be 10 – 15 bands then we can organizing some shows and the entrance tickets will not expensive. Usually the gigs are made in the pub/caffe/studio/garden/park or every places that possible to make some gigs. We already mentioned about the local bands in the point 3. Alright there will be Krupskaya a grind band from England on November, Pisschrist a d-beat bands from Australia on January, Arson Project on December.

VP=...and now the end....the end is near....is time to say.....
POA=Say your last good bye….hahaha…okay thanks for the interview Fafao, long life for your zines and Besthoven too and keep the good work. Thanx a lot for listened our bands, hope we can work together in whatever project in the future. Sorry if this interview make you bore.


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