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Now an interview made via myspace with the Deathlord Astuwulf,voices from this maniac noise machine called CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY!!!

VXPX=So,please,tell us a short history about CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY....
when was formed....how the forming members meet each other to form this awesome band?
and what most motivated you to form the band??
C.O.T.=The gangsters started to play in late 2007 as three-piece band. After 2 recording session our original guitarist left us and our current live-bass player switched to guitars. Adding his brother as solid bass-player, the C.O.T. become a real four-piece band to desecrate your ears. We decided to form a ban to express our passion for post-atomic stuff and old ’80 punk-metal music.

C.O.T.=The name simply came from a song of mighty CARNIVORE (pre-TYPE O NEGATIVE), an unique band of the past ahead with their time having great aggression and innovative music with great politically-scorrect vibe, a thing that lot of band is missing nowadays playing poor useless tunes nearest to emo shit more than metal or crust as they describe.

VXPX=We can see many influences of metal and crust bands in your work like MOTORHEAD to DISCHARGE......
What are the biggest music influences from each C.O.T. members ??
Favorite bands.....
C.O.T.=Yeah you name the two big ones, but we take various influences from the gods of the past. Each of us share mor or less the same tastes, involving them into C.O.T. without a specific deadline. So from ATOMKRAFT to AMEBIX, from early DRILLER KILLER to ROGUE MALE, from VENOM to BROKEN BONES passing through ANTISECT, WARFARE, CELTIC FROST, GISM, earlySACRILEGE and ONSLAUGHT and the list continues…

VXPX=Who compose the songs ?? is it only one member making all ?? or do you make it in cooperation with all members ideas ??
C.O.T.=Clearly the guitarist Splatterhead and the drummer Goddess of Hammering Chaos are behind the songs, but equally also the singer Astwulf and bassist ThermoNuclearThrashard gives they strong contribute to C.O.T. style of course!!! So the songs are made up of great cooperation between all of us.

VXPX=Who writes the lyrics and how you in general seek inspirations to choose themes and write the lyrics ???
C.O.T.=Lyrics are all done by the singer, which takes inspiration by the song in itself adding a post-apocalyptic vision of the Earth inspired also by cult movies of the past and also new ones as Doomsday, The Road, 2012 that are quite cool and of great inspiration for lyrics.

VXPX=How is the scene in your area today ?? Tell us the cool bands,zines,distros there.....
and how is the places to play there ???
C.O.T.=Well… About the Metal scene here in Shitaly is falling down year after year. Too much big-headed no enjoyable at all followed by plastic retro-thrashers and wannabe metalheads having power only behind their facebook profile or behind gossip in forums. They’ ve lost the underground spirit time ago. This the reason we prefer the punk habitats cause we’ ve met much more friends over there and much more cool places to play. By the way we live in the middle, so you can see C.O.T. live in usual metal clubs or pubs but also in squats or illegal places as well!

VXPX=How dod you choosed the great artist CHANY from the amazing INEPSY to do the sleeve of your great album IT´S TIME TO FACE THE DOOMSDAY ???
C.O.T.=First of all we are great fan of Inepsy! More, we like a lot all his works and we choose him easily to do the cover of our single “Chaosmutant Hordes” and was great!!! Without thinking so much, we wanted him also for the album cover. The concept is ours and him has done a superfucking great work with the cover! Probably we will work again with him in future releases!

VXPX=I know that you played with brazilian metal punx WHIPSTRIKER ,can you tell us a little about it ???
C.O.T.=We didn’t played with them, but we all were at the shows!!! Victor and the guys are really cool guys and we spent a loud night of booze and music with them and Iron Fist dudes too… memorable night in Bologna!!! And we hope to go to Brazil and share the stage with them in the future…

VXPX=By the way what brazilian bands you know and you enjoy ?? from the past and today also,etc.............
C.O.T.=Woah do you need a list??? We are really die-hard fan of brazilian music… For example to name a few: SARCOFAGO, early SEPULTURA, SEXTRASH, DORSAL ATLANTICA, MUTILATOR, ATOMICA, ARMAGEDOM, EXPLICIT HATE, VULCANO, HOLOCAUSTO, early RATOS DE PORÃO, and new Power From Hell, APOCALYPTIC RAIDS, DIABOLIC FORCE, NUCLEAR FRÖST, BESTHÖVEN(of course!) and others…

VXPX=Tell us the discography of C.O.T and what are the news and upcoming works ???
C.O.T.=The C.O.T. discography is quite long even if the band has only 3 years of real existence and it consists of one demo, 4 splits, 2 singles a live dvd and an album… and we’ re working for a new split and a new single that will see the light this 2011…wait and see!!!

VXPX=AND NOW THE END....THE END IS NEAR....IT´S TIME TO SAY.........................
C.O.T.=It’ s to say “Thanx” to you Fofao for this interview!!! We will met surely in Italy and we hope to bring our nuclear rage to Brazilian maniacs sooner or later!!!

Children Of Technology / April 2011.


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