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Well,i have to listen and enjoyed a lot G-ANX works since many time ago...and i can´t remember to read any interview with them back in the past...i found Heinz in the myspace of the band,who was the bassplayer of this amazing swedish band!! who said me ok to do this...hope that all fans of G-ANX like me enjoy this interview!! since the band broke up in midlle of 1991... and i´d like to thanx Heinz to answer so fast!!! G-ANX Fucking Rules!!

1-well i remember that i hear g-anx back in the time first time in the amazing comp. ep "BLLLEEAAUUURRRGGHHH!!!!" then just some days after i found and hear too your "masterpiece" ep...i can..t remember the year...but 90?? 91??....well...tell us a short history about G-ANX...
G-ANX started as Gravida Anker (Pregnant Ducks) in the early 80's. They were playing standard 4/4-punkrock until some of the members were replaced by guitarist Steve & singer Putte in late 1983. One year later Hoccy joined in on drums. Those three previously had a band called Penisknyckarna (the Penis Swipers) and their music was nothing but white noise - produced with a guitar connected to an overdrive and a fucked up wah wah peddle, and I guess they were a bit too much too soon. Unfortunately I never heard them play. Their only gig was at a local disco and I think the audience had left the building before the first 30-second-song was over. They might have been the first blastbeat noisecore-band ever, many years before the word grindcore was invented. As the Pregnant Ducks I guess they started to mix extreme speed / distortion with actual tunes and serious lyrics. During a tour in former Jugoslavia in 85 they changed their name to G-ANX. Two years later - just before a summer tour to Germany in their bass player Tomas left and I was asked to take his place. I had recently discovered G-ANX and they sounded like nothing I'd ever heard so it was a great pleasure to be a part of it. There was no time for more than one rehearsal before the tour. That wouldn't have made any difference though coz we borrowed all equipment from FFF - the german band that went along on the tour - and I got to play on a half acoustic Höfner distorted as hell and noone could discern any notes anyway. Everything sounded like an out-of-tune-earthquake car crash

2-Your music was full of influences like grind and crust and some others brilliant elements and originality too...what bands have influenced your music and work???
Most influence came from millions of hc-bands from Sweden, Norway, Finland, England, Japan, U.S... and later - Napalm Death & the grindcore scene. Then there were those dope smoking hippies who always turned up at Steve & Hoccys flat. When they couldn't take more of extreme hc/grind they'd always change the music to something more mellow / psychedelic. Steve - who wrote the most of our songs - turned into a die-hard fan of Pink Floyd and started to write softer instrumental parts. We tried to play some reggae as well - influenced by HR and some 70's roots bands - though we never got hold of it really and I think we invented our own version of white reggae.

3-i saw in old interviews from great bands like:ANTI-CIMEX and AMEN back in the time too and they said tha you are a great band!! how was your gigs in sweden back in the days?? did you played with them??? and others bands you have played with??

We only played about 20 gigs, and I've heard that Anti Cimex were as lazy as we so we never shared stage. At least not during my time in the band. I remember playing / touring with Filthy Christians, Svart Snö, No Security, Wounded Knee, Martial Mosh, Disaccord to name a few.

4.what..s the reason the band broke up??? some members are in COUNTERBLAST Today...tell us about this...
We started to record an album, but took a long break to write some more songs and when we returned to the studio some stupid bastard had erased all the tapes. I don't think that was the main reason for us to split up, but we were too lazy to rehearse and we never got the new songs together live. The last gigs sucked pretty bad as far as I remember. Then I moved to another town and Hoccy & Steve formed Counterblast soon after. Now 16 years later they are more active than ever. That doesn't necessarily mean a lot - I think they have played some five gigs this year. They are also, since a couple of years, working on their third album...

5.i hear you about a reunion gig some years ago...tell us more about it...any chance for another reunion like this??? maybe to record new songs?? or some old "unreleased" stuffs,etc???
We had a reunion gig some 10 years ago, but that was a one-off. Our singer moved to Mexico City soon after that and he has never returned. Not even for a visit. So there won't be any more reunions I guess. I know that a lot of people think old bands shouldn't reform but I don't care. I love to see all the other old bands who are reforming. Let the old people enjoy themself goddammit! I hope to see Moderat Likvidation & Bristles this year. Our reunion gig was great - with Palle from Counterblast on keyboards. It wasn't the tightest band on earth, but what the hell...

6.how many records you did recorded??? is this the "flashbacks" your totally complete discography??? i hear that the "flashbacks" was released just in cd...but ther..s a new edition in double lp??? i..m right????
Oli from Civilisation Records started up his new label Threat From the Past to re-release some old punk. He wanted to release our CD Flashbacks with some unreleased stuff (an old demo and some noisy - barely listenable rehearsal tapes). I didn't see no reason for this until our favourite Brittish artist Sonia accepted to draw the cover. That would have been unbelievable cool but we haven't been able to get in touch with her in a few years. So if you read this Sonia - get in touch! The Flashbacks CD contains all our proper studio recordings..

7.what do you know about brazilian scene??? old and today...and what do you enjoy from here????
I don't think I ever heard any brazilian HC back in the days. I didn't even know they existed. Steve though had his exchange distribution going on and he had records from all over the planet. Nowadays I hear a lot of international punk at Myspace, mp3-blogs etc.

8.what is the feeling when you remember all the works realized with G-ANX??? or when you hear some old record from the band???
A bad thing is that we hardly ever rehearsed more than maybe once before a studio recording or a gig/tour. That became more obvious when the songs started to get more complex. Still I think that we developed a sound of our own. There were not many hc-bands who mixed those really soft instrumental parts with fast hc. Our producer Matte Siltberg whom had never recorded a punk band before made great contributions to our studio sound. And then there were all those instruments. We had never been in a studio clamped with keyboards, instruments, effects ect and due to late nights & poor judgements(?) we couldn't keep our hands away from them.. For our records I like our first one best - the split 7" with Filthy Christians - which has only four simple straight forward punk songs. The second 7' "Far Out" was made out of left overs from that same recording. I still don't understand why that one was ever released. The third 7' "Masterpeace" has some good songs I think. The last one "Out of Reach" could have been better with some proper arrangements instead of those endless - half-improvised instrumental parts. All and all I still enjoy the most of our records.
G-ANX LIVE 1985=

G-ANX LIVE 1987=

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anti disse...

Hey dude, nice to see a fresh interview of G-ANX, really cool work.


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Ok well G-ANX I know these guys we you use to hang back in the days, hade lots of fun at Eldslandet.