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So,the last postage of the year and now the first of new interview with the Meatl Crusties from Hell NUCLEAR FRÖST !!!!!!
Answered by the bassplayer EDOOM !!
Fucking poor translation to english by Fofäo!!!

01-So...i´d like to start talking about the beguin of the band....what was the strongest reason to do NUCLEAR FRÖST ??? First ideas....first songs....etc...etc...?
EDOOM=For the first moment was to do a Dark 80´s and just recording,without play live gigs,since we was involved with others bands also,etc...I formed the NUCLEAR FRÖST em 2006 and invited Thomas (drums) to do this project,but we only started to play in 2007 when Gabi (vocals) and the guitarrist at that time,Fred joined us.So by the way we was just already a band and the intention was to do a Hardcore Crust in the veins of bands that we enjoy,like ANTI-CIMEX,SVART PARAD!! So we started to do noise,with only 6 songs we recorded the demo tape “D-BEAT WAR 83” after the first gig,all was many fast and in less than 2 months only.
We made the first reahearsal in a Saturday and we played in the follow Sunday and recoreded in the other month.Something crazy,but it was this way.
We made the things happens many fast.

02-Why “ NUCLEAR FRÖST ” ??
EDOOM= NUCLEAR FRÖST is not a mix of “ NUCLEAR ASSAULT and CELTIC FROST “ how many peoples think,haha !! it means the “nuclear frost” is the first step in “nuclear winter” that comes from a atomic war,so, it means all the remains of destruction,radiation,dust,etc....all it rises to the ozone layer blocking the sun into the planet,making the planet turns dark and cold for months,so i have the idea to name the band with this name,the rest of apocaliptic consequence that will happen with the planet,so when the dust ends it will be already destroyed all the ozon layer...and the ultraviolet ray and the heat will be giant and will destroy the rest of population,this is the “nuclear frost” not kill all sad but is true.....and is not just science fiction,it is in the book “THE NUCLEAR WINTER”.

03-Hearing your sound,we see many influences from punk and metal bands from 80´s....and some from 90´s ....what are your favorite bands?? And biggest influences for NUCLEAR FRÖST ??
EDOOM=Of course, ANTI CIMEX, SVART PARAD, VOIVOD, AMEBIX, DISCHARGE, VENOM,we have also this touch of death metal from 90´s in the songs that will be on the CD “Nuclear winter Gloom” that can remember a little AUTOPSY etc....but the most is totally 80´s.

04-What are you covering in the songs?? And what you espect from it ?? how is also the process of composition in each song?? Do you have a meber that compose all alone or the process is with the all band members??
EDOOM=So,Fofão from the beguin till now i made 90 per cent of the lyrics and musics,but it works in this way ; i made the songs but i ask the opinion from all,this way we are going doing some changes or keep the original form.Never was like a imposition,just after all are ok with the songs that we play and record,all they make lyrics also and always help with ideas....and the lyrics in the most of themes talk about war scenes and atrocities,some talk about armament.But always with an ideology of anti-militar.

05-I know that you did released a CD-R by the label MORBID MASSAKRE some time ago....and with this same label you made a Split 7” EP with SECRET SECT....What can you say about these releases?? How happened the contacts....the invitations and etc....and how was the repercussion from these releases for the band??
EDOOM= Thanx a lot for this question,it will be great to answer this to all peoples can know how “ RIP OFF ” is the boss of MORBID MASSACRE RECORDS ; JOEY who is also the drummer of SECRET SECT, first the invitatio was made by our myspace ,so we recorded the songs in 2008,we sent and we was waiting to our 100 free copies,so,he sent us only 25 copies and do not sent us the rest,do not sent us the others 75 copies,and it was in the beguin of 2009, we are in the end of 2010
And he alleges that do not have money to send us our own copies,while SECRET SECT was playing many gigs with many bands like HELLBASTARD and by the way they do not have a reason to delay 2 years,it is unjust,and we know that him made it with others bands also,like DARGE and others,too scoundrel this guy is! It´s good i did NOT find this guy.Or i will smash his face,fucking son of a bitch!!! .......... JOEY / MORBID MASSACRE FUCK OFF !!!

06-I did hear in somewhere that the Japanese label SPEEDSTATE Records from my good friend Shoko,want to release a CD from NUCLEAR FRÖST a time ago....this is true?....and say to us how was the contact with BARRICADA records to release now their CD ??? This CD is the same that was planned for SPEEDSTATE before?
EDOOM=No,we never was invited by SPEEDSTATE records.
We always was hearing many good things about BARRICADA discos also,and when TOTO contacted us in myspace,we just made the recording and did sent the stuffs and now we are waiting the CD be ready.

07-How you see the undergound scene in SÃO PAULO today ?? what you more enjoy ....or what you do not enjoy nowadays ??
EDOOM=The scene here today is going well,we can see many new bands coming and in the rest of Brazil.Many gigs are happening,the only bad thing in S.P. are the music houses and pubs that are just a few...we have,i think,in activities yet only NOISE TERROR,CAFFEÍNE and the FORMIGUEIRO...there´s also another called 7 BEERS but is more for metal bands only....and in the others places we have gigs also,the cool thing is that the people is totally united and together....someone does a thing here,other made other thing there,,the things happens.haha!

08-Well....i really can talk a lot about how was AWESOME that 2 gigs in Pirituba city at COVIL 360...In ALL aspects.........But i have the words with you do you think about the all 2 Gigs?? What you can say about that 2 hellish nights????????
EDOOM=In my opinion and i think that in the opinion of many peoples here in S.P.,was the best weekend of the year,really fucking great gigs,the best of all,beyond the bands is that there´s no had any fights,since five years ago always happened......between headbangers x punks x crusties x anarcopunks x raw punks......and in that gigs it was amazing,without any problems or conflicts,and the space had maximum stocking in the 2 nights,and in Sunday the space did have to close the gates,i think it all was perfect.

09-The members from NUCLEAR FRÖST are today the same members since the beguin?? If the answer is “yeas” = what is the secret or magic that you use to not let the daily life and routines can be a problem in the process of the works into the band??
Another thing....your members,beyond the band,make some others works in the underground scene?? For example,play in others bands or projects also?? Make zines?? Etc...etc...etc....???
And....i saw that Edoom enjoy a lot of Gothic Rock and Post Punk bands also,did you played or did you have never think about to play in some band with this type of music???
EDOOM=The only one change we have in the line up was that our first guitar Fred,left us after we did our second demo CD-R (Winter Bombs 83),so Fejão joined us,and this line up will be till to end,if someone left the band,so certainly the band will broke,since we are really and true friends each other,this is the formula to not letting the routine of life can be a problem to us,always we find a way when we have some problem,and we all love to make music.our life is something like work and play.
About other bands,i played in others....i played for BREAKDOWN (Thrash Metal),ROT (Grind) NEBULIZER(Crossover) That is still active and in CONCRETE HAMMER that was a big project i made with the guys from LETARGIA...I also made with Bonga (who plays in KRONI) another band called HAMMER OF DOOM in the veins of DEVIATED INSTINCT and AXEGRINDER
Thomas is also with us....and yeah,we will beguin to practice me,Gabi and Thomas a band to play Dark 80´s in the veins of CHRISTIAN DEATH,SPECIMEN,BAUHAUS,etc....
Gabriela played in a Grindcore band called CPA.Thomas palys also in UNDER ATTACK (Thrash Metal and in CPA ALSO),And some others projects to be in works in 2011.Fejão plays in PELIGRO (Metal Punk) beyond did played in another band called TERRORISMO SONORO and have also a electronic project really cool with some from Itapetinga City-SP. be talking about future ,sometimes is a shit....but.....what are the next steps to NUCLEAR FRÖST ???? Recordings,releases,gigs.....etc?????
EDOOM= We are waiting the CD be released by BARRICADA DISCOS in Peru,and if all is ok will be releasing a CD by TERROTTEN RECORDS from Renan Favero in RS (Brazil).but we have to wait the things you said,is a shit to be talking about future,hahaha !!.

11-And of course....i have to question a is your expectation in BRAZILIAN TRIBUTE TO DISCHARGE CD to you ?????
EDOOM=We have many anxiety about this release,the best thing is to know that this dream will come true,are so many cool bands on this tribute,and is really important to keep the scene more united.and with a release like this,we hope that all enjoy.

12-So,is this.....feel free to advance all you want......peace!! IS WE!!!
EDOOM=First of all ,i want to thank you for the initiative to be doing this web zine and also for the invitation,it was an honour for us from NUCLEAR FRÖST take part on this!! We thanx also to all the bands and peoples that in some way contribute to broke and finish this barrier of prejudice.Both bangers and punks we have to fight but not against us.we have to fight against the fascism that exist in the society that trough moral and religious values bind us in corruption since childhood,
who creates,think.
Who thinks,survive.
And is this that we are doing ,making part ofan event,playing or doing zines or just going to the gigs!!
Fofão,Thanx a lot by the force and by what are you doing day by day in this fight for the underground.


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