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Here´s another D-beat Crust Attack coming from INDONESIA!! A fucking great band with some releases spreading their ideas to the world!! and keeping the fucking Crust scene alive!!!!!!!

VP.First introduce the band...when was formed...band members,etc...
DERY. hello...i'm deryshit who was playing drum and vocal into this band and also that representative of total banxat to answer all of your question..meanwhile ivanoids who was playing guitar.....we starting in 1999 when we still in one high school in the same graduate and then we decided to make this band...we're three in the begining that formation: deryshit (drum + voc), ivanoids (bass) and teten bardos (guitar) but this formation is not survive and we're dead just because activity each other (working) as long as more less 3 year and in 2003, deryshit trying to continue of total banxat from the death and ivanoids is agree about it but teten bardos is still busy with his activity (working) and the formation is changing: deryshit (drum + voc) and ivanoids (guitar), we're 2 only without additional player until now and it's so nice when an equality should we embrace together to stand in the breach for our existence.

VP.why the name "total banxat"??? what it´s mean??
D. TOTAL BANXAT is taken from BETAWI language that real pronounce is "BANGSAT" then we changing to be "BANXAT" and we adding "TOTAL" word in front of "BANXAT" word.... BANGSAT is a word to expression of disappointed or anger feeling of unlucky condition, it mean when you've got a pressure from the crowd just because you're different from them then you'll throwing the word from your mouth as disappointed or anger.it mean "BASTARDS" in english language.
**BETAWI is one of original inhabitant in JAKARTA (indonesian capital) that almost gone cause to many imigrant from the other cities of indonesian that to try oneself luck to associate with them.

VP.how is the crust scene in indonesia??
D. indonesian scene is very big and not different with scene in your country but not nailed down of one thing then created discrimination between one scene to the other scene, we're all help each other and sometime we're visiting their scene or on the other hand to share info, make relationship, discuss, making gigs and also drunk together....hahahahaha...if you coming to the indonesian you'll shock to see everything were into 1 scene have a lots of genre from punks, skinheads, grind, hc, crust and else....that makes we happy to stay here...let's celebrate the different with friendship...so there's no crust scene, grind scene, punk scene or else....because all the scene is same.....!!!

VP.And how about your punk scene history...
D. i dont know much abouth this one but i will telling to you do what i know and it was come from my birth place in jakarta....punk/hc scene enter to the indonesian especially in jakarta in 1990 were a part of youth from indonesian is continue their study to USA, ENGLAND and AUSTRALIA and when their back home...they bring stuff of punk merchandise and a news about punks from there and first punk/hc scene in jakarta was called YOUNG OFFENDER the place in matraman, central jakarta but it's very difficulty to make a gigs at the moment and the bands is very a little of bit too.....a few year later the kids from this scene is changing to be britpop kids and this scene is dead but a part of them is still survive and build up the other scenes in some jakarta area likes SOUTH SEX, SHARP PEJATEN, LOCO'S ENTERPRISE (souht jakarta), SID GANK, SUBNORMAL (east jakarta), MERUYA BARMY ARMY (west jakarta), this condition is sruvive until 1997, but when enter 1998...to many appearing punk scenes in jakarta include in the bands to show off and also there's no difficulty to making gigs in 1998 but in this year too...our country is experiance difficult era from many aspect after fascist regime of SOEHARTO is ruin were poverty and unemployed are everywhere....the condition is not change until now.

VP.there´s many zines in your country?? distros and d.i.y works and stuffs??
D. of course.....to many zines right here with various reports include distro and stuff.....we still used silk screen for D.I.Y works to produce t-shirt, sticker, patches and backpatches, but sometime we do workshops in a gigs for them that want to printed our t-shirt, let 'em know how the process to make it and learn each other and also to make easy for them that doesn't have much money to buying our -tshirt or else.

VP.What releases do you have available??? and how about your cd at speedstate records from japan?? how do you make the contacts with them to do this ,etc...
D. to many releases that we made ever likes EP, SPLIT, COMPILATION and FULL LENGTH ALBUM....i'm lookin' for a label in the begining that interested in want to release of total banxat and i spread the releases propose to few lable by email and i didn't intentionla find SPEED STATE RECORDS and then shoko's reply my propose that i send it with variuos question as long as more less 2 month in 2006 and she's infomr me by phone if she's interested in want to releasing of total banxat and it was our first gate to recognized in some place and country cause distributed line of SPEED STATE RECORDS is very good and shoko's a nice person for me and i'm not forget her goodness and i would like to said: 'THANX FOR EVERYTHING" by this interview for shoko and yoshi (endless couple), i hope they're reading this article......hahahahahaha......

VP.i saw that you are looking for a label to cooperates with new release...i´m right? can you tell us more about this???
D. exactly.....i made a small label in this year was called NGEHE TUNES SYNDICATE REKOTZ were the concept that i run is D.I.Y with inviting a few lable from around the globe to participated into our project that work and distributed together include enlarge communication network by this project and total banxat is our first releases from NGEHE TUNES SYNDICATE REKOTZ.....!!!

VP.Your favorite bands and influences too,etc...
D. all of the band in this world is very good basically and there's no bad...just back to the what's vision and mission from the band itself and it makes me confused what should i choose as my favorite but one most important....my favorite band is consistence band on the line not the band who always following trend and wtach the market as target to selling the merchandise and just thinking profit that function....meanwhile our influence by musically is DISFEAR, MOB 47, VICTIMS, TOTALITAR, RAJOITUS and KUOLEMA.

VP.are you a crust band??? did you consider...and what you think about some fucking peoples that keeping to say lots of shits about dis-dbeat-crust....???
D. we called RAW AS FUKK ASSAULT......but if any people called us as crut band...it's up to them...maybe they called us as crust band or else.....coz there are consideration from music sounds that we play.
(TOTAL BANXAT-blood bath-clip):

VP.i saw some arts from you and it is fucking amazing!! who is drawning your arts?? sleeves,etc??
D. total banxat logo is handmade by my friend was named jimmy and he has good talent into drawning and i believe in him for the first when we ask him to make logo for total banxat and the proceeds likes you watch now....total banxat artwork cover design is made by my another friend was named dokie...he has brilliant idea to make artwork cover design, i just give him theme and i let his imagination to expression, so that i'm so surprise and i said: "IT'S GREAT ARTWORK AND IT'S COOL" but i made itself for layout sleeve.

VP.What do you try to show in your lyrics??
D. many our lyrics tell about war crime, injustice system and social problem who was happen in our country or even in the whole world....where the law doesnt pro for poor people meanwhile rich poeple is authorized for everything and so much arrogant.....FUKK THAT.....!!!

VP.And is just this....what more else....last words...etc...
D.Thanx for popao to make time for interview us, shoko and yoshi at SPEED STATE RECORDS, all the people that reading this interview, all the people that love peace, friendship and alcohol, all the people that coming to the gigs and watch our act on the stage...and also if you want to make band...label..distro logo or else you can contact my friend was named jimmy (www.myspace.com/jimmy_motorhead), and also if you want to make artwork cover design you can contact my another friend was named dokie (www.myspace.com/bombardirbeat), but i will show my middle finger to all the bastards in uniform (police, army), all the politician that always talk about bullshit, all the licker into parliament....at last i can said: "IF YOU WANNA PEACE PREPARE FOR WAR"......AAAARRRRRGGGGHHHH.......NGERI DONX..........!!!!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cheers and alcohol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
for info and friendship not friendshit ask to:

RT: 001/010, BOJONG GEDE, 16320, BOGOR,

PHONE: +628561109639

EMAIL: dery_shit@yahoo.com

WEB: www.myspace.com/totalbanxat


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