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And now an interview with Italian metal crusties CANCER SPREADING !! With answers from the singer Gabri .I had the chance to share the sateg with them in Besthöven European tour 2001 in Dresden city/Germany at the awesome PARANOY FESTIVAL and what I have to say that they are really fucking killer live !! Cancer Spreading show to us with their music some of the best influences between the roots of metal and crust 80´s in a really energetic and strong show! Here they are talking about their work,history,upcoming and the possibility of a brazilian tour also!! that I really hope can happen soon!!

1-So,please...can you talk a little about the history of CANCER SPREADING ? When was formed? Etc…..
GABRI: Hi Fofao! Well, Cancer Spreading was formed at the end of 2006 by me and Merlo (guitar/vocals) to break the boredom of our fucking city (Modena)
and as a tribute to all the 80's english bands that were our main listening at the time..
Soon Otta (drums) and Miky (bass) joined us too, and with this line-up we started doing a lot of gigs in Italy and recorded our first shitty demotape "Stenchcore Scum" and the split 7" with Children Of Technology... we were very untalented at the time and the recording was a real shit, but there is some people who still like it ahah...
In 2009 Japa joined the band as a second guitarrist and we recorded more stuff, for sure better than the one before... We went on with this line-up until Miky was kicked out of the band before our second european tour in summer 2010..
after that Headcrashing JJ from REPULSIONE/TERROR FIRMER and Katta from the local hc punk band INFAMIA helped us with gigs and festivals for a while but they both couldn't fit as stable members because they were too busy with their other bands, so we decided to do our next recording (June 2011) just in four, with Japa playing both guitar and bass...
Until finally our friend Matteino (ex BERSERK/ 9/11 JUMPERS) joined the band in August 2011 as he's totally what we were looking for.. we will record with this line-up next in 2012 for a split with Belgian friends LAST LEGION ALIVE and we're finally back to full live activity...
and fests like PLAY FAST OR DON'T in Czech Republic, MONTEPARADISO in Croatia, ROVINA HARDCORE and SEPTEMBER TO DISMEMBER in Italy and many more...
I remember all these gigs being great, for sure there are many others which I don't remember now ehehe...

Gabri :We choosed this name for 2 different reasons: first as a tribute to the DEVIATED INSTINCT song, probably one of our main influences (we used cover their "Despair" song some years ago)...
The other reason is that we see the "evolution" of mankind as being out of control, and nowdays man is nothing more as a plague to our environment.. a cancer that is growing more and more until will consume everything on this earth...

03-What is the line up now?? And say if your members have others works like ; play in others bands or projects,etc…..
Gabri :Yes, 4 of us have other active bands because we want to break the boredom of our shitty daily life (as I told you before) and we are all music-addicted...
Since 2008 I play in TERROR FIRMER (old school thrashing grindcore inspired by '80s bands like old NAPALM DEATH, ELECTRO HIPPIES, SIEGE, HERESY etc.) together with members of very active band like REPULSIONE, JESUS AIN'T IN POLAND and BESTIAL VOMIT...
Until now we released three split 7" and participated in some compilations, we're just back after a bit hiatus with a bit more mince-core oriented sound, but still devoted to the '80s eheh... we will put out a split with SOCIAL CHAOS next year.
I play also in BLACK TEMPLE BELOW together with Japa, we formed this band last year and we've just released our first demo limited to 66 copies...
with this band we play dark and filthy doom metal/sludge with lyrics about H.P Lovecraft and strange topics like nightmares, visions... we are working on new stuff too.
Japa play also in CAMPUS STERMINI (crustcore with a metal touch, I think you know the band since they share 3 members with KONTATTO and used to be very active in the scene) and with Merlo they formed AXIS OF DESOLATION, a new project with Marzia from KONTATTO/CAMPUS STERMINI...
raw and old school stenchcore totally devoted to the '80s. very nice shit, hope they will record soon.
Our bassist Matteino play in 9/11 JUMPERS, a old style punk/hc band which, even if they are new, already have released a good old tape and are very active, having already played a good number of gigs...
check out all these bands, I think they deserve it.. as you see, even Shitaly can produce some good stuff too sometimes despite what some people think...

04-Your sound is fucking powerfull and great! I see some influences of bands like DEVIATED INSTINCT, AXEGRINDER,BOLT THROWER…..am I right?? So,wich are your favorite bands? And influences also?
Gabri :Yeah, you're totally right about these bands... I can say that at the beginning we were trying to mix the punkish/metal sounds of the bands you've mentioned (AMEBIX and GENITAL DEFORMITIES too are big influences for us)
With raw approach of bands like DOOM, old NAPALM DEATH (demos period), HIATUS, EXTREME NOISE TERROR, RIPCORD, RAW NOISE and some '80s metal bands too, like SODOM or HELLHAMMER...
With the arrival of Japa our style changed a bit like I was saying before, becoming heavier and darker and with a strong death metal feeling...also bands like PROPHECY OF DOOM, PUNGENT STENCH, ASPHYX, WINTER, HELLBASTARD, old KREATOR for sure have influenced our sound.
Even if I could say that now we have a sound of our own, without trying to copy no one...
about our musical tastes, we are open minded people and everyone of us listen to a lot of different musical styles, even distant to metal/crust/punk area.. so that would be a too long list, and probably everyone of us would tell you different bands..
But I can tell you that now with Cancer we are having fun with a cover of GBH's "knife edge", we love playing it live.

05-How do you compose the songs?? It´s between the all band? Or isolated work made by one member,etc….?? and what are you trying to show in your lyrics??
Gabri :Basically the process of writing new songs starts from ideas of Japa and then Merlo add other riffs.. but with the development of the song we all add ideas and variations, so I can say that all the band take part in the process.
About the lyrics, I write all of them: with this band I always wanted to have dark and negative lyrics that reflect most of my personality, but it's an attitude shared by the entire band...
Cancer lyrics don't deal with politics like direct action, boycotting multinationals, protest etc. because I choosed to focus on another aspect of life...
the everyday madness with all the shit that we have to swallow is throwed up with misanthropy and hopelessness, praying for the extinction of the fucked up human race... death is the only way to escape this hell.

06-I know that you want to do a tour in Brazil,am I right ?? Are you working on this now?? Do you have some guys here to be helping this tour?
Do you have a date or some idea about when you will be doing the tour here?? And of course,If you want to say something to Brazilian friends about this,feel free to use this space ok??
Gabri : Yes, it all started in Summer of 2010 when we shared some dates in Europe with SOCIAL CHAOS, and as a result of our friendship we started to talk about them coming to Italy and us travelling to Brasil...
the problem at the time was that we were just left without a bassplayer, so no chances for a tour... now we are thinking about it again, because we really want to play in Brasil and meet all our friends up there, we just have to gather the money for the travel which is fucking expensive...
But I'm sure will make it, I hope that we can do it for next summer.
To all the Brazilian maniacs that follow our band: hold on, we are coming to desecrate your lands and dry your rivers of alcohol!

07-And what do you know and enjoy from Brazilian scene?? From the past and today??
Gabri : Of course I love Brazilian scene!
Apart from BESTHOVEN and our friends in DISKONTROLL and SOCIAL CHAOS (and the side-project bands of their members), I like a lot of bands:
from the old punk bands like RATOS DE PORAO (Crucificado pelo sistema is probably one of my favourite records of all times), OLHO SECO, ARMAGEDOM, COLERA, BRIGADA DO ODIO
to metal like VULCANO, SARCOFAGO, old SEPULTURA, SEXTRASH to grindcore like the legendary ROT...
and for sure many more that I don't remember right now...

08-I know that you are releasing now a full length CD “The Age of Desolation”…Can you talk a little about this new CD? How many songs….which label is releasing….etc….?
Gabri :Well this cd should be off the pressing plant as I'm writing this and it will be released by Spanish label MEMENTO MORI records, which is a label focused on old school death/doom metal and stenchcore..
And since our music contains all these elements, I can't think of a better label to release it... This is probably the best work we have done so far, for sure the one that represent more what is the band today..
even if was recorded in few time (and we were constantly high or drinking during the rec. session) we are totally satisfied with it..
There are totally 10 songs (one being an intro and another one a BOLT THROWER cover.. we recorded also another long song in this session that will be released on a split 7" with Greek band BLACK TRINITY,killer raw DIY black metal project by GO FILTH GO! members),and in 3 of these songs we also used keyboards (in the AMEBIX/AXEGRINDER way) which is a totally new element in our music.. but we think it fits perfectly.
If you like what we have done so far, you will be blown away by "the age of desolation"!!

09-And also say to us your discography
Gabri :Ok, I'll also add our upcoming releases:
"Stench core scum" demotape (2008)

split 7" with CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY (2008)

split 7" with CRUEL STORM (2009)

split 12" with DISKONTROLL (2009)

split 7" with DRUNKARDS (2010)

"Suffering" 7" EP (2011)

"The age of desolation" full length CD (out this month!)

split 7" with BLACK TRINITY (should be out in February 2012)

10-And now the end….The end is near….It´s time to say………….
Gabri : Yes my friend the end is very near for us all... we will submit to extinction!
thanx for the interview, I invite everyone interested in our crap to contact us and support the scene (cancerspreading@hotmail.it/ myspace.com/cancerspreading)...
good luck with the zine and with BESTHOVEN, hope to play with you again soon...and remember: DRINK AND BE MERRY... FOR TOMORROW WE MAY DIE!!!

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This is an interview I made with Rat and Bones to be in our Brazilian Tribute to DISCHARGE Comp. CD
And since in the CD you will see this one only in portuguese language I decided to publish it here in english also

01-So….do you started to play in 1979……what you can say to us now about the differences between these all time ?? What changed to better or worst in all these years?? And what do you feel to have been so influential and inspiration band for years and years ??
Bones: Well back in "79 punk was new, everybody wanted to be a punk because that was all there was or teddyboy or rocker. Now there is too much choice don't think anyone knows what they're into

02-Do you played in Brazil some years ago……what do you can say about Brazilian scene? Bands ? what do you enjoy from here? Etc……and good moments you had in the past tour here??
Rat: Yes DISCHARGE came to Brazil few years ago now 2004 not long after I had joined them on vocals (I joined 2003) I had been to Brazil a few times with my other band THE VARUKERS and was a great opportunity. To come over with DISCHARGE , we played some great shows with great bands like RATOS DE PORÃO,AÇÃO DIRETA,DISCARGE CALIBRE 12 and others ,what do we enjoy from Brazil ,definitely the enthusiasm of the crowd.We hope to return maybe in 2012 so keep watching

03-What you expect from this Brazilian Tribute to DISCHARGE we are doing ? Are 27 Brazilian bands from all eras since the 80´s…….it is not the “first” tribute to DISCHARGE also….by the way for us all here is REALLY a special moment in Brazilian scene….Since DISCHARGE is an inspiration to many Brazilian people in underground scene ; punks and metal since the beguin of 80´s…..
Rat: Looking forward to hearing it, see which bands give DISCHARGE a run for there money ,many thanks to all those involved in it hope it was fun for everyone involved and DISCHARGE are very honoured of the support that they are still recieving ,we will not let you down

04-When DISCHARGE was back in 2000 it was with Cal in vocals…..and recorded an album with him also…..So,Rat joined as a vocalist and some songs was recorded again with Rat on vocals….
What was the reason that Cal left the band ?? By the way,Don´t you think that changing the vocalist can be keep the band many different in music??
Rat: It was Tezz the original drummer and Bones brother that got the idea of getting the band back together and recording a new album ,and eventually going out and playing some of the new songs live , well shortly after the new album was released in 2002, Calvin decided to leave, the other 3 decided they wanted to carry on (I mean they are the original founders) so have every right ,So searched for a new vocalist and on the recommendation of Ian Glasper, a writer for Terroriser magazine, Tezz got in touch with me ,we all met up went through a few songs ,and the rest as they say is history

05-I know that there´s a lot of bootlegs DISCHARGE releases in many different countries….I´d like to talk about one in special…..Is a 7” EP called “LIVE IN PRESTON” I think this is a live gig recorded in 1980(???) with TEZZ and BONES yet…..In this 6 trax record,there´s a song called “WHERE´S OUR FREEDOM” and we never heard this song before in any of official DISCHARGE releases…..
Do you know this record ??? do you remember this song ??? some possibility from you record this song again officially someday??
Rat: I am still trying to hear the track can´t get hold of it anywhere ,might be an idea to revamp it if its any good….
Bones=I haven't heard that bootleg so I can't really say and I can't remember the track you mentioned but now that you told me if it's good we may do it on our next release
NOTE : After this I sent the song in mp3 to Rat and Bones and they returned me completing this answer;
Bones: Yes I heard it ,Is it a song that we changed and used it under another title


And here´s the Brazilian Tribute to DISCHARGE CD!!!

To order the CD ,Please visit :