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And now an interview with my great friends from Canada=SKELETON!!!!! A Mass of Raw D-beat Crust devastation!!!!!!!!!!!

1-hey!! 1st...tell us a short history about SKELETON...since the year you started....and the changes till you started like a 4 members band and now are a 3 members band??? etc...who plays what today...

Skeleton formed in 2003 as a side project band between friends. We were all playing in other bands together, namely under pressure, and I wanted to play some raw d-beat punk crust shit like the old Swedish bands (crude ss, anti cimex, bombanfall, etc.) so when we were out eating at a restaurant together one day I suggested it. The line up was Dan (bass), Cam (drums), Mike (guitar), and Tyson (vocals). This line up only lasted for one practice and soon we realized that we would work better with Dan (drums/vox), Cam (bass), Mike (guitar). We played with this line up for about a year until we took some time off and recorded the “what will you do” cassette demo then 7” ep which Cries of Pain put out. On this recording it is just myself (Dan) and Mike playing everything. After the release of this we played some gigs then took some time off, I wrote and recorded the split LP with Besthoven and “no fire in a desolate land” LP by myself and since then we have just been casually gigging and slowly working towards new material with this line up: Dan (guitar/vox), Cam (bass), Mike(drums)-this is a different mike than before.

2.why "SKELETON"?????

The name was originally a joke, it’s kind of cheesy but the more I thought about it the more I liked it. Most of our songs are about human misery in some regard so you can look into the name with that in mind if you want, or not…It’s just a punk name, man! Hah.

3.favorite bands and influences??....they are the same yet???
When we first started the influences were mainly anti cimex and crude ss, but nowadays we’re taking a bit more from poison idea, bastard, death side…while still being rooted in the original ‘Scandinavian’ sound. Obviously discharge is a huge influence, and old metal bands like bathory, hellhammer…

4.what about your discography...and new upcoming releases???
So far we have:
Skeleton – what will you do demo Tape (11 songs incl. crudity cover ‘the total end’)
Skeleton – what will you do 7” (8 songs, the best tracks from the demo)
Skeleton/Besthoven LP
Skeleton/Dead Dogs live Tape
Up next:
Skeleton – no fire in a desolate land LP
Skeleton – who’s in control? 7”

The “No fire in a desolate land” LP will be released on Abuse Records out of Beligium. I’d like to take the time right now to say that this LP was originally supposed to be release on Yellowdog records, but unfortunately that lying, deceiving bastard Sven delayed the release of the record by over 2 years by stringing us on with lies and empty promises. He put us in a weird situation and I would strongly encourage all bands and labels not to deal with Sven in the future. Fuck you Sven. And endless thanks to Tony/Abuse Records for saving this LP and making it happen. Expect it to be out winter 08/09.

5.what tha fucking hell you have in their minds to do a split with Besthöven?????(hahahaha)

I got your ‘more victims of war’ 7” and was absolutely floored when I heard it. I loved the sound and approach you had, and thought you’d like the skeleton sound too! For the readers out there Besthoven and Skeleton both had 7”s on Cries of Pain records so they agreed to release the split LP, however the label folded and Matt continued alone with The Total End Records (who put out the split), and Mick continued alone with Room 101 Records (who put out the besthoven LP). Both guys do a great job at running a label that needless to say Skeleton and Besthoven are very happy with how our LP turned out.

6.what about your area scene??? good bands...zines...places to play,etc...

Winnipeg has a really great punk scene right now. I would say one of the best in Canada given the size of our city. Many bands right now are doing vinyl and everyone is active with shows, touring, etc. We also have a collectively run punk/metal record store called War On Music that has in-store shows and is one of the best things to happen to this city since Skeleton formed (haha). Most of the punk shows in town happen at all ages venues, basements, etc. Some notable punk bands here are Born Bad, Search and Destroy, Under Pressure, No Fun, Raiden, Vile Hands, Modern Problems, Skunk, Achagathus, Dead Dogs, Kursk…and more! There is an upcoming covers show where local bands do a tribute to older bands…Skeleton is performing as Anti-Cimex. Fun all the time!!

7.what do you know about brazilian scene??? and what do you enjoy from here???

I know that Brazil has an excellent raw grindcore scene. The most notable (and one of my favourite grind bands) being ROT, who I believe just disbanded. I am an enthusiast of oldschool grind and it seems that Brazilian grinders are mentally stuck in 1989! Totally killer stuff coming from there. As well, I have noticed a lot of raw punk bands from Brazil (and elsewhere in South America) that just rule and often have a noticeable Finnish influence...Desestre, for example…

8.talking about war....what do you feel when you see/hear news about war crisis in Georgia for example?...

War is a complicated, horrible thing. I don’t think I know enough about the situation to give an in depth analysis of what’s going on but I think I speak for most rational minded, concerned people when I ask “WHY?”.

9.some future plan to tour in brazil???...

Ah Hell, I would love to. Skeleton has never toured before due to our busy schedules in life and with other touring bands, but Skeleton definitely plans to tour Europe sometime in the next couple years…then maybe South America! Tony/Abuse Records actually mentioned something about this…!

10- know that you(Dan) are involved in others bands and ARCHAGATUS,LOUTISH...can you say more about them??? how stuffs was released,etc...and about the others SKELETON members too if they are involved in others bands and projects,etc...ok???

Yeah I play in a handful of bands, I do a grind/mincecore band called Archagathus which draws heavily from Rot, Dahmer, AGx, etc. and has a lot of releases planned and some vinyl, tapes, cds out already. Loutish is a fast raw punk band that sounds a lot like Crudity and Mob 47, there is a 7” out now and a 2nd 7” in the works. Myself and our bassist Cam also play in Under Pressure, and he plays bass in a raw grind band called Violent Gorge, who just rule. Mike our drummer plays in a band called Dead Dogs that have a 7” out and have a bit of an old Uncurbed sound about them!

11.what more else??/ tell what do you want...merch...message...etc.....
Thanks for the interview Fofao! We have a few t-shirts for sale if anyone is interested, as well as copies of the skeleton/dead dogs live tape…which turned out great for a live release. Contact us at:

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Well,is with a great pleasure that i´m publishing this interview with Silvio the leader of amazing KARNE KRUA band,that is alive in the scene in Aracajú-Sergipe=Brazil since 1985(!!!!!)...Silvio is a true warrior of underground!! beyond KARNE KRUA he edited tons of zines in the 80s and 90s like the great "BURACAJÚ" zine for example...they worked too in a distro label called "LOKAOS TAPES" too...and many others works and played in some others bands too like LOGORRÉIA too...etc...etc...
My first contact with them was back in 1989-1990 and KARNE KRUA is in the pages of my zine VERMYNOZE PUTRIDA number 2(!!) so maaaaaaaany years ago=when the internet was not "all" in the life of the people but in same way the things worked and happened...(!!!)...
Good winds come to say that we finnaly will see the force of KARNE KRUA live here in d.f. state!! soon!!!
Meanwhile we have here this short interview...

VP=Tell us a little about the history of the band...since that you are playing since 1985(!!)i think you have so many things to say...
SILVIO=yeah,we started in 1985,then in all this time many things happens,line up changes,problems continues,co´z no one want to pay money for the our shows appeareance and it is not helping to do others works and studio...but i think is not good to keeping in the fight looking for help for the productions and works from the band...we are many know but we are not be paying´s many hard.

VP=Who are the members today?? do you are playing in some others bands,etc??
SILVIO=the KARNE KRUA line up today is=Silvio=vocals,Adriano=drums,Alexandre=GUITARS AND VOCALS,Ivo=bass and vocals.Me and Adriano played in a blues band called MÁQUINA BLUES,Ivo are palying at RENEGADES OF PUNK,Alexandre today plays only with KARNE KRUA.

VP=Checking my zines collection i found stuffs from KARNE KRUA in zines from Mexico=94-95 more or less and i know that you was ever a great warrior from the brazilian scene!! how is the divulgation of your work today?? you are keeping contacts,letters ,etc...?
SILVIO=i don´t have time for letters today,but with the zines we made our name,our gigs means our life and i keep thinking that it´s just the beguin...the band today have some propaganda,sometimes in internet,zines or t-shirts.

VP=Always i keep on my mind that the big triangle of your area was you(from Aracajú)+DELINQUENTES(from Pará) and CÂMBIO NEGRO HC(Recife) you still keep contacts each others??
SILVIO=Today we don´t have contacts,but in the past we was really near one each other...i think that DELINQUENTES is still in activities,but i don´t have any information about CÂMBIO NEGRO HC after Marlio(ex-KARNE KRUA)left them,i lost my contacts with them...and i don´t know if they are still playing.

VP=Silvio edited some zines in 80´s and 90´s,one of them was the amazing BURACAJÚ(that i have the number 8 yet!!!) had the label and store LOKAOS (that i have some tapes from too...)beyond plays in others bands like LOGORRÉIA too...and today??? how is this guy in the SEGIPE scene??
SILVIO=Always i´m keeping in the local underground scene,bands,zines,...some bands broke up...others come back...LOGORRÉIA is back too and i play in others bands and projects today too.

VP=what are the biggest influences today in your work with KARNE KRUA?? And how comes the idea to use a piece of ZÉ RAMALHO song in your cd"em carne viva"(that i think it was great!!)??
SILVIO=old punk rock/hc and some influences of 80´s trash...ZÉ RAMALHO always was inspiring,in fact the poem in the beguin of the song "de repente" the idea was to he made this,unfortunatelly don´t happens,he was ok to do this,but their producer difficulty this a lot looking for money,and our record is a project with help of FAC(fofão´s note=a little help of govermment to independent musicians)then we made without their participation...then we dedicates that song to he and we used a little prhase of one of their song.

VP=Why "KARNE KRUA" ??(Note:the band name means something like "Raw Meat")...
SILVIO=we´re the lively meat that feeds the system...the "raw meat" are all of us that feeling in the skin(meat)all types of aggression=policial aggression,nuclear,rascist...all you feel in the meat=skin.

VP=What´s the news now?? did you have palyed many gigs?? any new record is coming?? and about comes to play here in d.f.??
SILVIO=No,we aren´t play many gigs,but always many great,yeah i have a work to release in this year yet called "INANIÇÃO"("Starvation") play there in d.f. i hope to be great! to see old friends and be together in a cool local gig.we will enjoy a lot!

VP=What do you know about the scene in d.f.?? what bands you enjoy?? and what bands you´d like to play together?
SILVIO=I know many things...some bands i don´t know if is still active...but i enjoy Death Slam,Besthöven,Terror Revolucionário,D.F.C.,I enjoyed a lot Disgrace i think that band was many split the stage with bands that are like us in the fight,being metal,punk,grind,death...always is cool and the prinicipal is the respect between all.

VP=You are in "myspace" just few time is being the divulgation and reception of people is nice in the "internet" ways?
SILVIO=Yeah,i think it all help with the divulgation and is something really positive.
ADRIANO=it is many good all this divulgation in internet...for who don´t know KARNE KRUA works can be know well...

VP=And the "MEAT"(KARNE) is still "RAW"(KRUA)?

VP=And is words...
SILVIO=We´d like to thanx for interesting,interview and divulgation,thank you very much.
Karne Krua live-december 2007;

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Bom,é com prazer que venho aqui publicar esta entrevista com o Silvio líder da KARNE KRUA esta banda maravilhosa que está na cena de Aracajú-Sergipe desde 1985(!!!)...Silvio é um verdadeiro guerreiro do underground!! além da KARNE KRUA editou vários zines nos anos 80 e 90 como o saudoso 'BURACAJÚ' por exemplo...tinha um grande selo também a "LOKAOS TAPES"...dentre várias outras atividades além de participar de outras bandas no passado como a LOGORRÉIA por exemplo...etc...etc...
Meu primeiro contato com eles foi por volta de 1989-1990 e a KARNE KRUA aparece nas páginas de meu zine=VERMYNOZE PUTRIDA de número 2(!!!)há muuuito tempo atrás=quando a internet ainda não era "tudo" na vida das pessoas...e mesmo assim as coisas funcionavam......(!!!!!!!!)...
Bons ventos dizem que finalmente veremos a força da KARNE KRUA nos palcos de Brasília=D.F. em breve!!!
Enquanto isso temos aqui um bate-papo com eles!!

VP=fale um pouco sobre a história da banda para nós ou para quem ainda não conhece a fundo o trampo de voces...desde que a banda é de 1985(!!!!!)acredito que tenham muuuitas coisas pra dizer...
Silvio= Sim, começamos em 1985, e de lá para cá muitas coisas aconteceram, formações mudaram, as dificuldades continuam, pois ninguém aceita pagar um cachê a banda isso é claro não nos ajuda a produzir material, pagar estúdio, mas confesso que é inaceitável, continuamos na luta para conseguir recursos para a produção da banda, temos reconhecimento do publico mas arrecadar algum dinheiro é algo muito difícil de se fazer.

VP=quem é a formação hoje?? e seus membros tocam em outras bandas?? tem projetos???
Silvio= A formação da Karne Krua hoje é composta por: Silvio – Voz, Adriano – Bateria, Alexandre – Guitarra e Voz, Ivo – Baixo e Voz. Eu e Adriano tocamos em uma banda de Blues chamada Máquina Blues, Ivo toca na Renegades of Punk, Alexandre atualmente só se dedica a Karne Krua.

VP=revirando minha coleção de zines aqui,encontrei matérias da KARNE KRUA em zines do méxico de 94-95 mais ou menos..e sei que o SILVIO sempre foi um grande guerreiro do cenário cultural brasileiro!! como está a divulgação de vocês hoje?? o sivio continua com as correrias ,correspondencias,etc??
Silvio= Quase não tenho tempo para correspondências, através dos fanzines fizemos nosso nome, nossos shows representam nossa vida e continuamos achando que isso é só um começo, a banda na medida do possível hoje tem sua propaganda seja na internet, zine ou em uma camiseta.

VP=pra min o grande triangulo desta região aí foi(e é!)voces de ARACAJÚ...A DELINQUENTES do PARÁ ...E a CAMBIO NEGRO HC de RECIFE....voces tem contacto ainda umas com as outras??
Silvio= Hoje não tenho contato, mas foram bandas muito próximas, a Delinqüentes acho que esta na ativa, já a Câmbio Negro – HC não tive mais informações, depois que Marlio ( Ex – Karne Krua ) saiu da Câmbio Negro – HC eu perdi o contato e nem sei se a banda esta viva.

VP=O Silvio editou vários zines na decada de 80 a 90 entre eles o maravilhoso e saudoso BURACAJÚ (o qual ainda tenho aqui o numero 08!!)...tinha a loja e selo LOKAOS (o qual ainda tenho alguns tapes tbm!!)além de tocar em outras bandas como a LOGORRÉIA...e hoje como anda esse figura aí no cenário de SERGIPE??
Silvio = Sempre estive envolvido com o mundo alternativo local, bandas , zines... Algumas bandas se vão outras voltam, no caso da Logorréia voltamos a ativa, também toco em outras bandas e projetos.

VP=Quais são as maiores influencias da KARNE KRUA hoje?? e como surgiu a idéia de colocar um trecho do ZÉ RAMALHO num cd "em carne viva"?? e q eu achei muito legal tbm!!
Silvio= O velho Punk Rock\ HC e algumas influências do trash oitentista, Zé Ramalho sempre foi inspirador, na verdade a fala inicial da música “ De Repente ” era para ser ele que iria gravar, infelizmente não deu, mesmo ele tendo aceito participar, o produtor dele dificultou muito, pois queria grana e como nosso disco era um projeto pela lei de incentivo a cultura tivemos que fazer sem essa participação, o tempo de entrega do projeto já se esgotava, daí dedicamos a música a ele e usamos um pequeno trecho.

VP=porque o nome KARNE KRUA?????
Silvio = Somos a carne viva que alimenta o sistema, a Karne Krua somos todos nós que sentimos na pele ( carne ) todo tipo de agressão, seja algo relacionado a agressão policial, ao nuclear ou racismo, tudo você sente na carne.

VP=quais são as novidades agora??? tem tocado muito??? algum disco novo para vir????? e sobre tocar aqui em d.f.??? como anda isso aí???
Silvio= Não, temos feito poucos shows, mas todos muito significantes.Sim tenho um trabalho pra lançar ainda este ano denominado de “INANIÇÃO” , tocar em Brasília espero ser gratificante, ver amigos antigos e compartilhar de um grande evento local, vamos adorar.

VP=o que conhecem sobre a cena de d.f.??? que bandas gostam?? e gostariam de tocar junto tbm??
Silvio =Conheço muitas coisas, umas bandas nem sei se encontram vivas, mas admiro a Death Slam, Besthöven, Terror Revolucionário, D.F.C, gostava muito do Disgrace achava essa banda muito legal. Dividir palco com bandas que estão assim como nós na luta seja Metal, Punk, Grind, Death ... É sempre bacana e o que deve prevalecer é a humildade e respeito entre todos.

VP=voces abriram o myspace há pouco tempo né?... como tá sendo pra voces agora a divulgação e a recepção das pessoas via "internet"??? tem sido favoravel??
Silvio =Sim. Acho que tudo isso ajuda na divulgação, é algo bem positivo.
( Adriano ) Esta sendo bem favorável para banda essa divulgação virtual, para quem não conhece o trabalho da Karne Krua passa a conhecer melhor.

Silvio = Com certeza !!!

Silvio = Agradecemos pelo interesse a Karne Krua pela entrevista e divulgação, muito obrigado.