quinta-feira, 11 de setembro de 2008


From Denmark comes this "TOTAL FUCKING SCUMCRUST" called NUCLEAR DEATH TERROR!!! the same place of my friend Jakob=Plague bearer and MARERIDT....They are one of my favorite CRUST bands today!!! And of course don´t need introduces...

01.first the basic...a short history about NUCLEAR DEATH TERROR...line up,etc...
Line-up is Eyal on bass, Christina on guitar, Adam on vocals and me (Cormy) on guitar/vocals. We’re trying out for a new drummer right now, but it’s pretty hard to find someone suitable. Looks like Stefan from Skitkids or Tim from Pisschrist is gonna stand in for our tour in Mexico and some shows in Germany and Sweden this winter, until we can find someone permanent. NDT started in 2003; Christina and Adam previously played in an anarcho-punk band called Uro and wanted to play something heavier and more crust, so they started the band with Jeppe, who was Uro’s drummer. After some line-up and musical style changes Jeppe left and they asked Eyal, myself and our old drummer Yogi to join. We wrote some songs, made a demo and started touring.

Basically, we couldn’t think of anything else! The true story is that we were drunk on a Sunday morning and put lots of dumb “crust” words in a hat, pulled them out at random and this was the best! Just be glad we’re not called Nuclear Fire Legion or Apocalyptic Napalm Insanity –we nearly were! I’d like to say it’s a political treatise on the current state of the world…but that would be bollocks!
As a band, the most central influences we agree on are probably Discharge, Doom and Extreme Noise Terror. Then there’s a lot of the rougher Scandi shit like Skitslickers, Anti-Cimex, Disfear, Bombanfall, Crude SS etc. In terms of each of us individually, Christina’s into mainly anarcho-punk and crust, always with all the Crass bands and the stuff that turned into…Antisect, Hellbastard, Sacrilege and so on. That stuff’s a big influence on the band and the rest of us too. Eyal’s into a lot of death metal along with his crust, Swedish stuff mainly. I’m into a lot of death/black metal and the more brutal end of raw punk and crust. Adam…Iron Maiden, only! No, he likes loads of other things, brutal nasty music and all that, but his true passion is the Maiden!

04.I hear that you are taking some different directions today in your music...getting a little more metallic sounds...what do you tell us about this...
Yeah, it’s coming out that way recently. Before it was more in the intros and occasional mid-section that we had a lot of the Bolt Thrower, Sacrilege, Deviated Instinct and Antisect type stuff mixed up with raw d-beat, but now it’s getting a bit more complex. We’re making it more punk and more metal at the same time, away from the generic modern d-beat style and FAR away from the neo-crust style that has dominated in past years. We never had anything to do with that neo-crust stuff anyway –in fact, the band was something of a reaction against that, a manifestation of what we consider to be TRVE CRVST!! I hate elitism and snobbery in politics and personal life, but in music it’s essential (I’m only half-joking).
What we’re doing now is mixing the influence and aura of stuff like Hellhammer, Bathory, early Sepultura or Sarcofago with what we’ve already been doing to make it more brutal and interesting in terms of structures and progressions. I dunno about the others, but a lot of early Swedish death from Nihilst/Entombed, Dismember and Grave on up to early U.S. shit like Morbid Angel, Obituary, Repulsion or Autopsy…basically the shit that mixes raw technical ability with rancid fucking guts…all that stuff is a massive influence on my guitar playing. Or perhaps more accurately, on how I wish I was playing!!

05.who made the lyrics and what do you try to show in??
I write all the lyrics. I guess it’s easier for me because English is my first language - I’m from Ireland, and also I work as a writer to make a living in my everyday life. With this band I’ve tried to be more selective than previous things I’ve done, as regards lyrics. I don’t want to take the easy option. Yes, we have a lot of (just another) warsongs (heheh), but I try to communicate the utter unrelenting brutality and dehumanization of warfare in the manner that Cal from Discharge did, rather than just write “war is hell, hell is war” or whatever. I don’t want to inspire direct political action by saying “this is bad, you should be against it” but rather to paint a picture of desolation and misery that portrays the world as I see it. It’s not just war…it’s drug addiction and alcoholism, police brutality, domestic violence and sexual abuse, conformity and the lack of personal reflection, and a lot of other issues. There’s never a shortage of issues to write about. All too often lyrics can seem almost like an afterthought, something added at the last minute just because they’re needed and the band are too eager to finish and play the song, instead of completing it as best as can be. To me the lyrics are as important as the music and artwork in crafting the right atmosphere and aura that makes up a good crust record.

06.what is the scene in Denmark today?? how are the places to play...tell us some good bands from there that have played with...how is the cultural movement there about zines,distros,etc...
The scene is good. There’s a new wave of bands again, a lot of hardcore, but ‘80s style hardcore, not the modern bullshit. It’s not so U.S. influenced as the last few years, there’s more thrashy snotty shit and some great younger bands. Not really very many crust, d-beat or raw punk bands though. Actually none apart from us anymore…there’s Realm of Chaos but they’re as much death metal as they are crust. Across the bridge in Malmö we’ve got Fy Fan and Skitkids, who are both amazing, but in K-Town, it’s all hardcore. There’s not too many distros either, only really Plague Bearer and Tortyrdöd, which are both really good. No zines. There’s one GREAT record shop, Repo Man Records, which is Tommas from Gorilla Angreb’s place. He was part of Kick’n’Punch Records together with Jakob who does Plague Bearer. Both of them are now doing separate hardcore labels too, Adult Crash and Hjernespind, both of which have a steady stream of high quality hardcorepunk starting to surface. As for places to play, there’s a couple of okay bars and basements, but not so many since the old autonomous centre (Ungdomshuset) got shut down. But the new autonomous center is going to be open soon, so there’ll be a lot more DIY punk shows on there before long.

07.what do you know about brazilian scene?? past and today...
I know more about the past than the present, I have to admit!. I’ve heard of occasional bands during the years, from Besthöven to Neurose Urbana to Discarga, but it’s not a scene I’ve kept up with. I love a lot of the older stuff -Armagedom, Ratos de Porão, Lobotomia, all those guys. To be honest, I’m mostly excited about the old death/black/thrash shit. All the early-to-mid period Sepultura stuff still completely blows my mind. Even as far as Chaos AD. Hearing that shit growing up in the middle of nowhere in Ireland had a massive impact; they lost me with Roots, but then going back and finding the likes of Beneath The Remains, Arise, Schizophrenia and Morbid Visions…still one of my absolute favourite bands of all time. Then there’s Sarcofago and Sextrash, not to mention Vulcano. Brazil, to me, has perhaps THE most perfect mix of metal and punk. It’s a very different flavour to what happened in the UK in the mid-80s. I love all those early crust bands, but the Brazillian shit is so much more hellish…vicious, boiling hot, sweaty sexy thrash punk metal!!

08.actually i have got some of your stuffs and in different labels...and i´m totally satisfied with your great work!!...can you tell us your complete discography?? and upcoming releases too...
Glad to hear it, thank you! Discography is not that big:

Demo (Plague Bearer, 2005).
S/t LP (Plague Bearer, 2006).
Ceaseless Desolation EP (Plague Bearer, 2008).

Then we had the album co-released in Europe on CD by Trujaca Fala / Slow Death / Fight For Your Mind, and on cassette in Malaysia by Black Seeds. D-Takt & Råpunk Records re-released four songs on the Demo 2005 7”, and we’ve also had tracks on way too many compilations to list. Next up we have three new songs on a 4-way split LP with Guided Cradle, Instinct of Survival and Visions of War, to celebrate our drunken friendship and existence as true Neanderthal warriors of European crust desecration! It’s going to be pretty special and it’s the best material we’ve recorded so far.

09.today i see many peoples saying tons of shit about d-beat/crust etc...what is your vision about "crust,d-beat,discore"....are you consider like a crust band??
Yes we are a fucking crust band. Crust to me is punk metal with a consuming aura of rage and desolate howling loss. There is so much lame shit these days that gets called crust and d-beat and an awful lot of it is weak emo piss-metal. Whether its well-produced and heavily death metal influenced (wait until you hear the new Instinct of Survival album) or raw, fast, desperate and punk as fuck, it’s all about the crossing of punk and metal whilst keeping the anger burning and not turning into over-polished metal. I rarely find that crust is “too punk” or “too metal”, it’s usually just too weak, too boring or just not angry and vicious. It’s a true pleasure to hear new bands that I consider real crust…Stagnation from the States are a fantastic young band I’ve heard in the last few years…likewise Alehammer are excellent…unfortunately such bands are not so common. Otherwise, it’s all about Japan…nothing at the moment beats Effigy, Acrostix or Framtid.

10.well,is just this...final words...and add what you want ok??? cheers!!
Thanks for the interview Fofao, keep the flame alive and hopefully we’ll get to play these songs for you and your friends in Brazil sometime! STAY PUNK. Email or write to us to find out about ordering records or t-shirts. Oh yeah, and all our material is available for free download together with lyrics and artwork from our website, but of course, it sounds much better on vinyl, and then you’re getting the real artwork too.

NDT, c/o PO Box 604, 2200 Copenhagen N, Denmark.