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From the fucking USA comes KRÜEL,beyond palys raw as fucking D-beat KRÜEL also also sing the songs in Spanish language! what i think is really great!!
They will be in a 4 WAY comp. LP I organized also called "NO TOMORROW" with BESTHÖVEN,WARVICTIMS & PEACE OR ANNIHILATION to come fucking soon!!!
So,be prepared for the noise!!! TE AMO D-BEAT!!

1-first,tell us about the history of KRÜEL...how was the first ideas and motivation to make the band...when was formed...etc...
Well the band started in early 2008 as a bunch of young ponks we really had no intention of creating this band but our friends had asked us if we were in a band and if we were intrested in playing a gig at the time we didnt have a band but with in 4 days before the show KRÜEL was born. We had many influences on wut we wanted but one of the main influence we all had in mind was for a disclose/discharge hard style band. After that first show which was really raw im talking bout raw no microphone 40oz beers holding the drums and a good rowdy crowed we decided to try to actually keep this band together and till dis day we are still raping your ears ha! ha!

2-so ...why "KRÜEL" ?
Like we said we kinda rushed into making this band and hector s.s.(vox) just came in from watching different events on the news from all around the world and decided to call the band "CRUEL" cuz thats how life is in general but we made our changes to it n stuck with "KRÜEL" with a more spanish accent than an english accent since we were writing songs in spanish.

3-who are in the line up today? the members played before in others bands or projects?...the line up is still the original?...what others works the members make in the scene there?(others bands...zines...distros??...etc...)
Current line up is Hector S.S.(vox) Koopa S.S.(Drums) Ivan S.S.(Guitar) Frank S.S.(Bass). Past Members Included Micheal(Original Guitar) Jo-Jo(Original Drums) we tried a 2nd singer which was Frank S.S. but didnt work out so were back to a 4 peice band. The band has went trough a few line up changes but you can say were some what original line up. Koopa S.S. plays bass for "The Helpless" a new kuro worship band from L.A. Frank S.S. helps and contributes to a diy ponk zine here in L.A. called Fronteras Desarmadas but every member in the band helps contribute and support the Los Angeles Raw Ponk Scene. Hector S.S. n Koopa S.S. are currently working on a side project of their own more of a noise core sound. Should be some killer shit

4-a thing that i think is really great in KRÜEL is that you live in USA but you are singing in Spanish....why you decided to sing in this way? do you have songs in english also?...
We sing in spanish for 2 reasons 1st reason FUCK AMERIKKKA!!! 2nd reason spanish is the language we grew up with and decided for our people to have a voice. The ponk scene back then didnt have many spanish influence so it was rare hearing a spanish singing band. English is very common in the ponk scene in L.A. so we decided to break that barrier and sing in spanish. After that we noticed new up coming bands that were singing in spanish and we really glad to see that we kinda inspired the L.A. ponk scene now as well as other bands to sing in spanish. We recently worked on a song with english lyrics entitled " D-Beat Noize Ear Massacre" first song we have english lyrics

5-what about your stuffs and releases?? i remember you have released one demo a time ago,it was self produced?...so what more else did you recorded or released?
We self released our first demo CD-R in 2008 we only made about 100 copies and most were given away for free to friends, touring bands, fans, etc. Next we release our "Terror Tape" which was a raw recording releaed on the Silenzio Statico label were not so sure how many of those tapes were pressed but were guessing around from 100-200?? but at this moment were are going to re-release the tape with actual "studio" recordings. We have a 4 way comp. split lp comming out with BESTHÖVEN, WARVICTIMS, and PEACE OR ANNIHILATION released of Bombs Away Records and Crucificados Records. Thats pretty much it for now but we are trying to work on new stuff for our own 7"

6-what about the "NO TOMORROW" 4 way comp. LP we are spliting now??
what you can say about?...what you are hoping from this upcoming and of course KILLER Record??
We are thankfull that we able to get on such a kick ass project! we can say that this is going to be a total dis attak record! we hope to get our shit together and do a little west coast tour for this release.

7-what about your planned split ep with PEACE OR ANNIHILATION??
waht is the reason it was cancelled??
It wasnt canceled just that the record lable that was going to put it out bailed out on us and we never heard back from him which is Yellow Dog Records. Right now its on hold till we find a record lable that is intrested in releasing this split.

8-what are your favorite bands today? what did you most heard these last weeks??
We actually really dont have favorite bands because all bands are great but we are heavily influenced by raw d-beat ponk bands world wide. Weve all been listening to different things from Anti-Cimex to Gai to Disclose etc.

9-tell us about the gigs in your area...what types of places to play....and some cool bands you have played with....
Gigs over here are raw backyard gigs which we mostly play almost every weekend or atleast try. In L.A. you can play from a backyard show to a venue, a bar, the L.A. River basically any place where we can get people to come get drunk and have a good time. some of the bands weve played with are: Rayos-x, Tuberculosis, Asko, Mata Mata, Viacrusis, Neveskade, Detonize, Dead Noise, Saber-M, Por Que, Lakra, Deskonocidos, D-Clone, Sick Em', NxN. and All the other great bands we've played with.

10-what more else you can say about KRÜEL and upcoming works??
Not much shit we are just working on new material for our 7" some new shirts n merch from help from our friends at Black Market Distribution www.blackmarketdistro.com

11-and now the end....the end is near...it´s time to say.......
thanx to all the people who helped us with gigs for supporting us all the touring bands we've played with all the girls who gave us beer and sex ha! ha!

KRÜEL playing "Disgrace and Destruction" from BESTHÖVEN=

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The first time i heard HOLOKAUST was some years ago in their amazing split ep with DISSYSTEMA,i enjoyed a lot that split ep...specially when i heard the ANTI-SECT cover that is really amazing there....so i got their compilation trax CD that is a killer one also,since here you have beyond the trackx from that split,trax from their first ep,more two splits also....with an original sound HOLOKAUST is getting more and more palyed here in my headquarter!!....so let´s go to HOLOKAUST!!

01-first ...what you can tell us about the history behind HOLOKAUST ? when was formed....and how you decided to the band...etc...
Riouxbn:I started the band in the summer of 1999 in downtown Riverside Ca. just out of shear boredom.there went any punk rock bands in our town so me and a my friends started one.

02- why "HOLOKAUST" ?
Riouxbn:We had a gig before we had a name,the guy who asked us to play was gonna make the flyer that night so we had to think of something quick.we were gonna change it, we just never bothered.also i just wanna add about the name, we are in no way a nazi band(I'm Mexican)

03-The line up is still the same? and your members did played in any bands before?
do you make some others works beyond HOLOKAUST....play in others projects or other bands....work with distros,labels...etc....???
Riouxbn:No,i'm the only original member,none of us played in any band that recorded anything.Other than the band we aren't involved in other projects because our day jobs steal too much of our time plus 2 of us have children

04-how you describe your song...to someone that no did hear you yet?
Riouxbn:Thats hard to answer, but a friend from work who knows nothing about punk/hardcore said we sound like Black Sabbath on amphetamines

05-what you wanna covering in your lirycs? and who made the lirycs in the band?
Riouxbn:Most of our songs deal with mans inhumanity and also our opposition to armed conflict.The lyrics are written by me

06-the first work i hear from you was the split ep with DISSYSTEMA and i really enjoyed it...specially for the use of synth...that is a thing that broke some "padrons" in punk music....are you using others instruments yet in some of your musics??
Riouxbn:Thank you! i think it has to do to the fact we listen to tons of other forms of music.I think there are too many rules in punk music.We're basically using guitars and drums but if a song calls for a different instrument we'll use it

07-Are you vegan? vegetarian? how you can see it can be good in the punk scene?
Riouxbn:No i hardly eat meat but i can't say i'm vegetarian.Vegan, vegetarian is a very personal choice, an honorable one,but a choice that shouldn't be used to divide the punk scene

08-what bands inspired you and your favorite bands as well...what the bands you did heard these last times??
Riouxbn:bands that inspired me are Crass, Discharge, Crucifix, Motorhead, The Beatles, Crisis, Siouxsie And The Banshees, Ramones, Anti-System, Xmal Duetschland, The Execute, Black Sabbath, 80s Metallica, Rattus ,Antisect, Blitz,Sex Pistols, Clash, Potential Threat, Kraut, Ratos de Porao. Eskorbuto, Olho Seco,Broken Bones, Charged GBH, Uk Subs,
Sorry i don't understand the second part of you question.

09-what are the great bands in your area you can recommend to us today?
Riouxbn:Some great bands in our area are Bombraid, Mundo Muerto, Against Empire, SMD, Secret Sect, Temple of dagon,

10-how is the things there talking about zines?? there is many true zines yet?? i mean "paper" zines yet? since it is getting more and more hard to see...
Riouxbn:yeah i don't see many zines anymore because of the internet,i miss them,but i think they will be back only they will be very local

11-i think that your LP/CD is many cool since is a comp. with all your old works....how you decided to release this LP....and of course what will be your next releases??
something new to coming soon??
Riouxbn:only the cd is a comp. our ep's are out of print so we put them on the cd.I know it's taking forever to put out our next record (years in fact) every time we are about to start something bad happens,and we have very limited funds

12-and now the end....the end is near...it´s time to say.....
Riouxbn:Thank you so much for the interview and your interest in our band,stay positive and if you can't change the world don't let it change you