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NAILBITER Interview 2009

VP-Well..first i have to say that i was many happy and curious in the first time i hear about NAILBITER some years ago...since the band was formed by 2 old brazilian guys ...
How born the first ideas to form the band?
CARLOS=when I arrived in london in 1999 I already had the idea of forming a band over here,since my whole life in brazil was spent playing in several groups. The problem was to find the right people to get it started.That was solved when marcelo came over after a few months later. we had a drummer. osmani who was already living in london for some years told me about a portuguese guy called nuno who could be our perfect match. the guy ,like myself and marcelo had a passion for all things swedish or scandinavian. we found a bass player but our sound was yet to be defined. then one day nuno came over to the squatt i was living and brought an lp with him for us to listen. that was the breakthrough point !!!! that record was ANTI-CIMEX Scandinavian Jawbreaker!!!! man, did my life and idea of punk hardcore change at that moment!!! it was a revelation.... the metallic sound, at the same time the rawness and anger of jonsson's voice, the obvious MOTORHEAD influences, fuck!!!! it was the best punk hardcore album I had listen and we all agreed that that was going to be the blueprint for all our songs, heheheheh no shame on that!!!

VP=The name is obviously a reference to ANTI-CIMEX,i´m right?
so,why "NAILBITER"??
CARLOS= well, continuing from the question number 1, we needed a name, nuno looking throug the song names on the cover of SCANDINAVIAN JAWBREAKER saw a potential killer name for the band in the last track of side B, NAILBITER. the rest is history, hehehe

VP=About the line up...i saw that Marcelo left the band in some moment and back to the band again...i´m right??
CARLOS=-No, marcelo never left the band, but nuno did after a few months with us to be replaced by an italian friend , Gianlucca, who in the end left to be replace by Piotrek.

VP=So...the band broke up?? ...what was the reason?? you have some others works/projects?? i know that Marcelo is playing in another band too,etc...
CARLOS=yeah, the band broke up when marcelo got deported from england in 2003.we were going to a HELLACOPTERS gig in kings cross when some cops stopped him inside the train station and found out he was illegal. bad luck. after that i even tried to carry on the band with another drummer, actually the guy who put out our first lp, Paco, coz he was so desperate to help keep the band alive. but it wasnt the same without marcelo. it didnt feel right and it didnt sound right. I then formed another band called SILVERMACHINE, more towards rock an metal and marcelo got MOTHERHELL together back in brazil, some kind of brazilian incarnation of MOTORHEAD. good stuff. At the moment im trying to get silvermachine playing again and doing other stuff with people around my area. just playing.

VP=What are your biggest influences on NAILBITER work??
Since the excellent "ABUSED" 12 have a strong influence of ANTI-CIMEX and DEATHSIDE in the same way....but these new 5 unreleased trax are a bit different...more rock´n´roll...but in same way thay are fucking great too(!!!) and what are the inspirations for themes?? poetic inspirations,etc??
CARLOS= yeah, by the time we recorded the abused lp we were listening to a lot of japanese bands, and were very impressed by what DEATH SIDE had done, so we put a lot of that into the sound. we deliberately wanted to sound japanese, hehehe well , in the end were kind of tired of playing just hardcore songs so we started to slow down and be more tecnical, be more rock or metal. we listened to a lot of metallica and hellacopters before recording those 5 tracks that never got released. i find them really good, but unfortunately the punk labels didnt dig it as we did. about the lyrics. we never really put too much attention to what was going down to be honest. me and marcelo had ideas, some stuff we felt about the punk scene in europe in special that we wanted to address as a form of protest. in our minds talking about the "system" was saturated and the punk scene itself was becoming selfrightious and alienated from its original ideas. basically a lot of egotrippers using politics to promote thenselves into the punk scene. we wrote some funny lyrics about that , hehehe.

VP=How are the things in your area?? how is the underground scene there...gigs...zines...bands...etc....
CARLOS= the "scene" around here , if there is such a thing, is broken down to a few people who organize gigs, open squatts, do benefits, etc... some used to put zines out but it all scaled down in the last few years i think. or maybe I am not aware as much, as im not involved in anything apart from turning up at gigs here and there. well, like anywhere, some people are decent and honest and some are just wankers. punk is no different from any other section of society in this matter. most of the underground gigs are held in pubs or squatts. they are quite cheap, 5 pounds or so and the sound is often very good.

VP=How was the contacts with HARDCORE HOLOCAUST Records to release the ABUSED in USA??
CARLOS=man, I dont even remember. someone probably got in touch with us and offered to put it out , pay for the recording, etc...

VP=You said that any label show interest to release the last you sent the master for some labels?? etc...??
CARLOS=yeah, we did, the first people was hardcore holocaust and they didnt want to put it out. i think we tried other labels at the time but with no sucess. we were too rock for most, hehehe and probably too punk for the rock labels too , which leaves us pretty much fucked, heheh we cant win!!!! the songs are still unreleased.

VP=Tell us about your discography...what do you have released...labels...etc...
CARLOS=we have the split ep with viimenen kollona, dont remember the label. we have the split lp with destruccion, by lavidaesunmus records, the abused lp by hcholocaust, the anti cimex tribute , by some guy in peru i think and i think thats it.

VP=Something about the past now...what do you remember about your days back in the past in Brazil??...friends...drunkard...gigs...etc??
CARLOS=man, what i miss the most about the really old times back in brasil, before politics killed everything was the friendship, the good talks, the tape swapping thing, how anybody could just record a demo in some dirty bedroom and everybody would get it, listen , review, inspire from that , etc... it was bloody honest and there was a true brotherhood beetween a huge network of people. all the "zineiros" fanzine makers, etc... that was a real scene man, i miss that a lot.

VP=Your top ten ??? records to play in the doomsday hour !!
11-ANTI CIMEX. absolut country of sweden/scandinavian jawbreaker
DEATH SIDE bet on the possibility
MOTORHEAD everything
METALLICA master of puppets / ride the lighting
BLACK SABBATH/black sabbath. thats enough. i hate making lists of bands. there's always loads you leave out and regreat. its the armageddon so listen to whatever you like, even if that is MENUDO. HEHHEHEHEHEHEHEHH thanks fofao for the interview.

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And now an interview with this great Crust Destruction from Germany CLUSTER BOMB UNIT...with a big discography and with 20 years of existence like a band now!!!

VP-well...did you started with the band back in 1989...then please,what was the first thoughts above form a band and play crust/d-beat?....and what motivates you to continues doing music and to playing till today??
We were always totaly into the Swedish and UK HC Scene back in the days. And since pretty much most of those Bands split up by then, we wanted to continue this music. Back in 1989 there was no Crust or D-Beat ... those terms came a couple of years later. There were Bands like Doom and E.N.T. who sort of played that style, but we wanted to make it a bit more rough. There is no good reason to stop playing really. We don..t do that many shows or releases these days, since we are all busy with tons of other shit like job and family, but we still love it to go out and disturb the people with our noise haha ... also playing tours like in South East Asia, where so many people are into us and this kind of music/scene, it's not a big problem to get the motivation. I think we can go on forever haha ... we also worked on new songs, but haven't recorded them yet.

VP- why "CLUSTER BOMB UNIT" ??? How did you choosed the name band??...i know that in the really beguin you have another band name too,etc...
Our first name was DECONTROL, but we figured out, that there is another Band with that name, and it was too obvious with the relation to Discharge. We love Discharge, but we wanted to be a bit different. One of our early Songs was called CLUSTER BOMB UNIT, and we always liked that name. I read about it in a book about the Vietnam War. It's an Antipersonal Bomb, which somehow describes us live.

VP-Who is in the line up today?? and say me if your current members are playing in other bands or project bands?? and too if you are doing others works in underground scene like zines,distros,etc....
We had a lot of line-up changes in the past years, but these days, it's the same line-up like on our US Tour in 1996 apart from the singer. Our Guitarist Werner plays in a lot of different projects (f.e. METABOLISMUS). And our bassplayer Moritz has his own Project called MONSIEUR MORIO ... but none of them are any close to what CBU is doing. This is something completely different. You can find that stuff on MySpace. Apart from that we are not involved in any other stuff. Basically we don't have time - see above ;-)

VP-how is the scene in your area?? many places to play??
and what are the good current bands you did played with there??
I think the scene is growing again. It's certainly different from looking on the past, but there are still people who take care of Bands and Tours etc. Our Area in Stuttgart has not many clubs to play, but most of the Bands stop here. There is also a cool Festival called BE PART Festival, which is also well knowned over the border. Our latest shows were with TRAGEDY, which turned out to be really good. It's a bit sad to see, that you only get a big crowd if international Bands are playing. If we play in our Area, hardly anyone will turn out haha ... but that's okay. We prefer to play outside of Germany anyway :-)

VP-who wrote the lyrics?? and how about are your themes??
do you have closed themes?? or do you are writing for different themes,etc??....
we started with the typical Dischargish War Themes back in the days. I did wrote pretty much all lyrics when I was doing the vocals. These days it's mostly the singer who is writing about whatever pisses her off. But we also have people outside of the Band who are writing lyrics from time to time.

VP-What do you know about brazilian scene??? past and today...and what do you enjoy from here??? any chance to tour here someday???
Brazilian is on our Toplist to go on Tour. We discussed about that many times. It's just a matter of time and money (as usual). A part of the Band doesn't have a job and we can't afford to buy flight tickets at the moment. Also I don't have a clue how it will work out being on Tour down there. But we defenitly want to come. We did Europe, USA, Japan, South East Asia and there is still South America missing on this list. I don't know that much about the Brazilian Scene ... Musically I know the typical stuff like Ratos de Porao, Olho Seco, Colera and Sepultura ... and I do like you guys of Besthöven, since I found you here on MySpace.

VP-i know that you have made some tours in the past,with EXTREME NOISE TERROR for example...and played in many places too...are you thinking now in something special for your 20 years birthday band???...some new tour...or some special stuff will be released???
we wanted to go back to South East Asia for our 20th Anniversary, but we didn't have the money to do it. It's just a difficult time at the moment, since I had to move to a new city and our singer became her baby a few month after our last Tour. Like I said, we are working on new songs and wanted to release a new EP or something like that. But for a Tour I guess we have to wait for next year.

VP-What is your vision on "Religion and War"???
Both work together hand in hand as you can see every day. Without Religions, there would be much less war.

VP-and now the end,the end is near,it..s time to say.......
Goodbye :-) ... for those who still haven't heard of us after 20 years, please check us out at and let's hope that we will all meet one day. Thanks very much for the interview. Keep the D-Beat rollin' and stay in touch! Prost!