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ARMAGEDOM Interview-2010

Really don´t need introduction for the DEATHCORE MASTERS!!!!!!
Answers by Javier.(poor) translation by Fofäo.

VXPX=I saw that you are working in new songs to a new release,with the new vocalist!! What you can tell us about this ? how are the new songs? What themes you are choosing ? and what you wanna do in this next release? What will be the format also?

ARMAGEDOM=So Fofão…is hard to talk about this now,we have our style,but we are looking to a little change in this next release,some songs more fast,others not so much fast,some with power chords,the new vocal.We are many happy with the result till now and this is the principal.
Is this what we want now and forever!!! The themes not change much.songs talking about despair,degradation of the planet and humanity,we hope to release in CD and Vynil also,just like we have done in last releases.

VXPX=Talking with friends here in my área,old fans of ARMAGEDOM,back in the past ,I remember that we always said that ARMAGEDOM was something totally eras after their own time,totally 80´s in the form of be,recording,composing….but in same time beyond your own time….”the final more near than your imagination can see”…” always was a strong phrase and that shows really well this force that ARMAGEDOM always have….
For example the song “GRITOS DE DOR” (CRIES OF PAIN) wrote in 1986 still continues “true” and “realistic”…..how a theme so old and one song so old also,can be sadly still strong yet….how do you feel or what you think today, when you see that one song wrote by you years ago,more than 20 years ago,still is the reflect of a reality that never changed ??
ARMAGEDOM=Is too sad see that somethings never changes and still get worst with the time.This song was a reflex about we was seeing that time and never changed yet.Is a sad reality that exist just not in Brazil but in the all world.From some time ago we started having compositions more especifics because the disgraces go beyond the countries and also seem to get worse with the time.

VXPX=The band started in 1984,get a time in pause between 1992 to 1998,if am i right...what you can say about the diferences in the alternative scene from the time you started and today? I mean about the difficulties and also what get better talking about to be in a band in Brazil?

ARMAGEDOM=This you can answer also! Hahaha.well,talking about the quality of good equipments,facility to be in a studio,cool recording and contacts with the world,I can say that it is really more better.is impossible to comparize the conditions from today and conditions from that era.all was many hard.Today to be in a band is really many easy,maybe this is the reason of the bad side,since is many easy to be in a band,have instruments,call peoples and play,in same time seems that the peoples today do not have the same force that moved us years before and still today do.peoples today have an alternative band like just a hobby,something like a “videogame”
Or a new computer…and for us it is many more than this only,is a way to express our thoughts and create something together that show a little of each one in the band.This type of feeling seems to be weak nowadays,but it is not in all.i see many new bands that are many strong also,without pretentions of make success or make money with this.

VXPX=Just a few brazilian bands in the 80´s was into this vein under influences of “European” ways in the sound,and with these chaotic themes and lyrics about war,despair….beyond ARMAGEDOM ,just LOBOTOMIA (In really beguin only),SKARNIO and OLHO SECO…
Do you remember when,how and what was the first DISCHARGE record you did hear in the past??

ARMAGEDOM=Eh, eh,I think it was 1980/1981,I hear DISCHARGE in a K7 tape i get with a friend,it was a compilation made by Fábio (OLHO SECO) for their label and store (PUNK ROCK DISCOS) and on this was the “Realities of War” EP ,and it was really a big impact in my head!!! In that moment me and Ricardo understand that this type of music was many fucking strong and many beyond that all the rest.Others great bands we hear in same time was DISORDER,GBH,RIISTETYT,KAAOS,CHAOS UK,EU´S ARSE,CHAOZ Z….and uou!!....with these all bands like influence we only can play the way we have played hahaha!!!

VXPX=I remember when me and Mingau(DEATH FROM ABOVE) wrote letters to you (Javier) in 1998 in the hope to find you and discover more informations about the band,etc….so,we meet each other in a gig in Gyn City in same year with bands from all Brazil,and in this occasion we did have the lucky to play in a jam session with you (Javier) on guitar and vocals,Mingau at Bass and me(Fofão) in drums!! Playing many classic ARMAGEDOM songs in that crazy show!!(a little disorganized gig,bad equipment,etc…)…so,Javier what you can tell about that moment and also about all the information we have that time about the “fame” of ARMAGEDOM in all the world,etc…
In that time do you had some idea about how ARMAGEDOM was so loved and respected in overseas?? And so love here also (in the time) by the “new generation” of brazilian punks???
ARMAGEDOM=It all was a surprise to me to be seeing how the scene was changed and spread up and how we meet many friends around the world.
In that time,I did not know and when I said to the guys from ARMAGEDOM they did not know also about this all respect.it was something really great for all members of ARMAGEDOM.
We did played in Rio Grande do Sul state,and peoples there was graet,a great show!
This recepitivity in Brazil and in world is really gratify to us all!

VXPX=This is the 3rd time that the band change the vocalist...you don´t think that the changing of vocalist can be a “big” change in the work of the band?
I saw the videos on youtube with the new vocalist,Thrash,I think is good,and the guy have some “stage presence” and it´s great also!
How is the working process now with him? I mean about practicing sessions,work again with the old songs also,etc….

ARMAGEDOM=Yeah,of course,it changes,but this is what we want!!! The band is not static,we want new ideas that can fit in our style.this happened before when Claudinei joined the bass ,whou carry many,many things to the band.he is the best musician between us and this is cool in a band,the change of ideias,we are a band of friend and the songs are made together,it can delay a little more to be ready but the result is unique,since was involved the all group.At the end the music always is different than the initial idea also and this is really cool that we kept in the band,the participation of all.

VXPX=ARMAGEDOM made 2 tours in Europe...tell us how was these experiences....some special moments that you always will remember...etc...

ARMAGEDOM=Both tours was better than we imaginates,of course was incredibles experiences.
Peoples that comes to talk with us about how and when hear ARMAGEDOM for the first time...i remeber a guy from Poland that said that we was the first band that him did hear still in a K7 tape with the “Silêncio Fúnebre”…others that did hear the band still in the 80´s…peoples from bands that know our work since a big time….was very nice.
Peoples from Finland in both tours received us very well,Czech,Germany,Holland,Poland,Austria,Italy,All was really nice with us!
It all was so strong and intense that is hard to talk about only one moment.
For example,some gigs that we was thinking that maybe can be not so good co´z the day,show in a Monday for example,or if the city was really little,but always we have great surprises with the reception,I can comment about many shows….but both tours was really great….is hard to talk about only one moment.

VXPX=So,and what are your expectatives to this show in Distrito Federal ??
Since this is the first time that you comes to play here…

ARMAGEDOM=EH,eh, I think it will be great! We go do a fucking great show and the people that enjoy the band will enjoy the show!!
I think will be great Brasília is strong into punk/hardcore scene and we go do our best show! Of course!!!

VXPXZINE=So...is this...i hope you enjoyed the questions,since i tryed to not be repetitive with that same boring questions “when started the band?” “who is the line up?” and bla bla bla....hahahahah….so last words,advance what you want,news,messages,etc…and cheers!!

ARMAGEDOM=Thanx Fofão, You are brother from the band eheh!!!
Here´s the contacts from ARMAGEDOM if you wanna talk or trade some ideas:
email: armagedom@hotmail.com
web: www.armagedom.org
myspace: www.myspace.com/armagedom

Thanx and see you in December!!

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OURO DE SANGUE (Bloody Gold) "is a documentary that addresses the social and environmental consequences of gold mining in Paracatu City in MG State in Brazil since 1987. The Canadian multinational that operates in the city got at environmental agencies legally responsible for the approval of an expansion plan of mine for over more 30 years.People of Paracatu city At huge open wounds are left open for mining, chemical poisons, toxic dust, sick people and death”

Made by my friend Sandro Neiva ( PERVITIN FILMES ) who borned in Paracatu City and today lives in D.F. State.

Here you can see the first part of the movie with subtitles in English also.
So visit the PERVITIN FILMES blog and watch the full and complete movie.