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new Trioxin 245 7inch; "The Underworld" has four new tracks in the more Rock Direction as the split with Besthöven .it includes a cover of Venom's "Schizo" from the welcome to hell LP. Released by Shogun Records from france late July,2008. http://pagesperso-orange.fr/shogunrecordings/

you can order from them,or from me if you order more stuff from the distro of Jo At=
. (also still availlable=
+"ward of the evil 7" uk and brazil press,
+the experiment CD,
+and ward off the evil t-shirts white on black.)
hey heres the trioxin 245 discography:

2004 demo cdr/tape
2005 the experiment CD (counteract,france)
2006 split tape with Nuclear Wolf (4 tracks live,Exciter and Besthoven Covers)
2006 split 7" with besthoven (muerte negra discos,usa)
2006 blasting concept #1 comp (shellshock,tank cover)
2006 live on equalizingXdistort CDR
2007 demo repress CD (muerte negra discos,usa)
2007 tribute to doom CD (helvetet,peru)
2007 ward off the evil 7" (destroy,uk)
2008 ward off the evil 7" (raw,brazil)
2008 tribute to besthoven CD ("rest in silence")
2008 torment comp tape
2008 the underworld 7" (shogun,france)

2008 ottawa tribute to the Ramones ("loudmouth")
2008 tribute to Disclose ("despair")
2008 free society zine comp
+ more comps

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