quarta-feira, 28 de janeiro de 2009


Well,this gig was fucking nice for many reasons to me...since was the BESTHÖVEN birthday gig and the gig was made with some important bands that in some way have part in BESTHÖVEN work too=helping in some form all these years...
The gig started under a strange climate day/night since we don´t know when it´s raining or not here these weeks...
But fucking nice started with PRISÃO CIVIL band from Taguatinga city,that is a fucking nice punk rock band...in the veins of old RAMONES,PARTISANS,etc...they have played since 1991...and have some cool songs released in some compilations appearances only....they played tons of their songs,from all eras and demos/comps...with a different line up today where Edmilton Cabeção does vocals and bass and with Marcelo Podrera now on the drums!!
Cool punk rock to start this night of noise!!

The second band from the night are the guys from OS MALTRAPILHOS from Ceilândia city...playing more than 15 years too!! and into brazilian punk rock and hardcore roots like OLHO SECO,LIXOMANIA,FOGO CRUZADO,RESTOS DE NADA,Etc...
Playing songs more focused into their last official cd "Descaso" and some coversongs eventually played for the band!! their line up is concrete and strong many time ago and it is a great thing to them to keep their work still strong and interesting too!!

The third at night was GALINHA PRETA from my old friend Frango...GALINHA PRETA plays some brutal hardcore with many grindcore influences!! with inteligent and original lyrics as well!!
tons of songs from their debut comp trax cd!! and new songs too like "Saco de plastico",etc...
Frango voices and performance are the great point in their shows!!

Then my friends from Gyn City comes to the stage: DEATH FROM ABOVE with Glauco Mingau (a.k.a. Sérgio Mallandro)in the front line of this D-beat machine!!
With a strong set and with a "non stop" type of playing!! that was fucking amazing!! the band is totally under a cool mass of good influences in the veins of DISCLOSE,MG 15 and classics more of true d-beat roots!!! 2 DISCHARGE coversongs to close the fucking killer set!!!!
DEATH FROM ABOVE was recorded their all show too!! and we wait to see this release coming soon!! since i hear advanced the master and it is killer!!!!!!!

The last at that night was mine band= BESTHÖVEN...like i said=celebrating the 18 years of DIS-existence!!!!
I choosed a set that captured the all "phases" from the band...songs from first demo,first ep....and each one to remember each record released,etc...including 2 new songs!!=inedit!!! that is "K.I.A=KILLED IN ACTION" and "DROWNED IN FEAR"....Plus coversongs of SHITLICKERS,DISCLOSE and DISASTER!!
The live recording will be released soon in LP(!!!) By the label from my friend Pepe in USA= MIDNIGHT SEA RECORDS!!!
And this gig close the last scenes too for the first BESTHÖVEN dvd video documentary i´m working these last years!!!

There´s a "home" video i made to divulgate the gig...you can see some bands pics and songs=

And here´s a video song from BESTHÖVEN´s THE DAY OF HELL recorded at the gig!!=

Fofão Discrust.

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