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And now V.P. Blog Zine is back!!! with my swedish brothers and defenders of D-beat DISPOSE !!! We did played in their city in our EUROPEAN DISASTER TOUR-2011 and these guys are really awesome!!! The portuguese version of this will be in VISUAL AGRESSION Zine from São Paulo city and from my brother Ricardo Chakal!!! So....enjoy this !!! enjoy DIS !!!!!
01-WELL,TELL US THE HISTORY OF DISPOSE,PLEASE...I KNOW THAT YOU STARTED LIKE A “ONE MAN BAND” ALSO......?? -Yeah started in 2007 after the very sad news..wanted to make a tribute....Recorded some demos like one man band!! I had previosly made some other one man army styled bands so the whole thing started like that,also I was moving to live in another city at that time so I couldnt really make it like real band anyway. But I moved back to here in 2008 and could succesfully form a real band at the end of that year,the reason to form a real band was to be able to play live.. also I felt like I didnt evolve in my playing skill doing it all alone,I wanted it to progress.. in example I couldnt even sing and play guitar at the same time when started the band,I had done vox in bands before and played drums & played guitar but not at the same time,and I wouldnt learn this from solo studio record only you know.. I wanted to learn the style of kawakami of course hehe..
02-WHY “ DISPOSE “ ?? -ahh many people ask this..No real reason except wanted to make a tribute to DISCLOSE by the name also..
03-MAIN INFLUENCES MUSICALLY AND LYRICS ALSO,WHAT YOU WANT TO EXPRESS WITH YOUR LYRICS? -Lyrics so far mainly been about anti-war,"all the aspects" of it,.. and anti nukes & nuclear power etc..but there are also lyrics against opression and war-like events like the elections in far less stable countries, and against bullshit authorities also..some lyric are anti-racism through anti-war,anti-state through anti-war, anti-religion through...etc..all aspects..i never write anti war song for cliche reason.. lyrics are mostly inspired by real life stories/events,war etc sometimes past events and future also..all lyrics are sort of filtered through a DISCHARGE/DISCLOSE/CIMEX/SHITLICKERS filter,it takes time to write even few short sentences this way,and alot of thought behind it also...
04-THE MEMBERS OF DISPOSE ARE INVOLVED ALSO WITH WORKS BEYOND DISPOSE,AM I RIGHT? LIKE ZINES,DISTROS ,OTHERS BANDS….?? -Yes Wille of DISPOSE is also in a punk band called UTBROTT this band with drummer of DISPOSE pukans girlfriend and other punks from here.. he is also in hardcorepunk band called AVSKYVÄRLD & another one called BIPÖLAR.these bands are not all so active maybe.. I also play drums for another rawpunk band called KRANIUM,and been doing some small distro stuff in here also over the years.I've got some stuff that I´m selling through our webs page. I used to do zine over 10 years ago which was alot of fun.but only made 2 issues from 96-99 his zine was called "inaktuellt" means like old news or something..there was interviews with DISCLOSE, WOLFPACk,KAAOS,TOTALITÄR,OUTLAST and more rawpunk and hc zine.. nowdays I make a DISCLOSE fanzite which is´nt really updated often since there are not so much news about DISCLOSE happening.. all members of DISPOSE are involved with setting up shows on our local space FG7 on some level,maybe wille is most active,he is so young and all haha...
05-TELL US ABOUT THE SCENE IN YOUR CITY ,PLEASE…. -well,as you know heres small city only..noise from nowhere,Lulea city is way up north in Sweden so it's bit isolated sometimes. here's small scene only, there are bands like KRANIUM,AVSKYVÄRLD,DODESKADEN,DICK TRACY,UTBROTT,BIPÖLAR,CHAOTIC DISORDER...not all these are so active maybe.. We have our own venue/house Called Fg7 its not a squat or anything, in Sweden there's no squats,so this place is rented for needs to pay the bills etc.. there are several rehersal rooms inside this small place as you might recall,not only punks reherse here so its bit mixed,which is not so bad really.. as I said not a squat but run kind of autonomiously which is great! in here 10 years ago such a place didn't exist,even the tought of it would have seem impossible almost.
06-WHAT YOU CAN TELL US ABOUT THE “EUROPEAN DISASTER TOUR 2011” WE MADE WITH KONTATTO and NOIA ,AND DID PLAYED TOGETHER WITH DISPOSE AND KRANIUM IN YOUR CITY ALSO….DID YOU ENJOYED THAT NIGHT ?? -yeah it was good fun,wish we could have played few more shows with you on this tour but not possible.. good memories of it,I played with KRANIUM and DISPOSE so it was slightly stressful, as I was also partly responsible for setting the show up.maybe DISPOSE gig was slightly chaotic and noisy ha! Also it's great to meet people you only talked with on the internet before,really cool and I enyoyed your show and also NOIA & KONTATTO!
07-I KNOW THAT YOU DID PLAYED GIGS IN GERMANY AS WELL,CAN YOU TELL US ABOUT THE GIGS ? IT WAS LIKE A SMALL TOUR ?? -Oh we played in Köpi squat in Berlin,stayed at toda's place..had good time drunk a little beer.. no tour only this gig..First we played W DISPOSE then we played bit later w KRANIUM..I think the KRANIUM Gig went better ..but it was hard to hear anything but drums and vox in that small stage and too crowded room,lots of people,lot of fun..just flied over there for one gig only.I stayed less then 20 hours in berlin and almost missed the return flight home..Thanx to Toda for this gig and releasing our split LP!,I hope we get back there play some more..
08-I KNOW THAT DISCLOSE IS A BIG INFLUENCE AND INSPIRATION IN YOUR WORK AS WELL,WHAT YOU CAN SAY ABOUT DISCLOSE AND THE IMPORTANCE THEY GIVE TO D-BEAT SCENE?? -Yes DISCLOSE is always source of inspiration in many ways..i've listen DISCLOSE since I was 15-16 years old,I was already into old stuff like CIMEX,etc before that. but I was so taken by the DISCLOSE sounds,some people thought DISCLOSE was already to much noise in that time which is really funny when you compare 90's DISCLOSE with 2000's style hehe..some 7" of DISCLOSE in 90's had some bad mastering which might have contributed to that idea, don't know,never really cared.. As for their importance I certainly think they helped sport the new wave of DIS NOISE bands out there,and also DISCLOSE never stopped keeping the true D-beat alive even as a hype changed or stuff like that..i must also say that i don't think people who say DISCLOSE was just a DISCHARGE clone truly understood DISCLOSE,I think DISCLOSE had their own sound which Kawakami explored and perfected through out his life..to me DISCLOSE is a really important band that I will always love! true D-beat raw punk!!
09-I KNOW THAT YOU ARE RECORDING AND RELEASE A LOT OF STUFFS ALSO!! CAN YOU TELL US WATH WILL BE THE NEXT RELEASES ?? -Yeah we try to release many stuff like DISCLOSE hehe..first release a bunch of cdr & tapes now we do some vinyls as well.. next up:split w BESTHÖVEN in 7", 12" HORROR REVIVAL on D&R rec,Split w SKITÖFRENIA in 7" + & possible CD with best of tracks from 2008-2010 to be released in next year.. so I hope..
10-WHAT IS YOUR VISION ABOUT BRAZILIAN SCENE ?? WHAT DO YOU KNOW AND ENJOY FROM BRAZILIAN SCENE = PAST AND TODAY ?? DO YOU ´D LIKE TO DO A TOUR HERE SOMEDAY ?? -Yes I like to go there some day,I get many questions from zines "do you want to come here to play?" Spain,Costa Rica,France etc..off course the answer is yes... my vision of past Brazil is good bands I like as: PSIKOZE,OLHO SECO,LOBOTOMIA,CÓLERA,INOCENTES,R.D.P ,ARMAGEDOM..etc..I'm thinking past Brazils more violent and crazy,gangs and fightings and not to easy to organize gigs maybe.. I think now is more easy and united scene,less dangerours?? good stuff I like except your works,are DEATH FROM ABOVE,WHIPSTRIKER,DESASTRE,CHAKA etc these are the ones comes to mind now,I know there's a lot more..
11-TOP FIVE BEST D-BEAT RECORDS OR BANDS OF YOUR LIFE ?..... -Difficult to choose only five..but I must say DISCLOSE obviously/any record..& DISCHARGE early 7"s & why? 12"! ANTI-CIMEX early 7"s,DISARM(old swedish band not new band..)SHITLICKERS..but there's so many more I love.. CRUDE SS,AVSKUM,SVART PARAD,OSLAUGHT,DIATRIBE,ICONOCLAST,MG 15,FADER WAR,LOBOTOMIA LP from -86 ,MEANWHILE,DISSOBER, etc..all Ka-kamis favorite bands really..just copy and past his best of list.there you go...
12-WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT CLASSIC SWEDISH BANDS FROM 80´S ?? LIKE SHITLICKERS,AVSKUM,CIMEX,BEDROVLERZ,FEAR OF WAR,CRUDE S.S…… -They are all great bands and I love them as well,most of the bands you mentioned I listen a lot to when I was a teenager,and still do... many of them been ispiration to me in KRANIUM, and also in DISPOSE too..I played "spräckta snutskallar" cover in KRANIUM in -97,this was before I started play drums in KRANIUM etc. long time favorites i'm shure you understand it as well!!
13-DISCLOSE BEST RECORDS AND SONGS ….??? -All records are really great to me in their own way..but some favorites songs are "Conquest" and "Nuclear explosion" from TRAGEDY LP,these are total classic as the whole LP is. Some other favorites are:"Aspects of war" "Smell of the rotten corpse" "Nightmare or reality", "Fear of the nuclear age", "Just another drunkard" "Massdeath & destruction" "Vision of chaos" "THE WARDEAD" "Crawling chaos" " Devils game" "Firestorms" "Nuclear hell" "Hide from war" etc..there are really too many songs I listen all of them,and then I listen to them again..hehe!!
14-FUTURE PLANES ?? -We have recorded tracks for a split 7" w BESTHÖVEN..,one track from that same recording will be released in 7" later on hopefully..this track to long to fit to our split you know. there is a split w Malaysian rawpunk SKITSÖFRENIA delayed since 2010..maybe it will be out some day...this recording was first to be released on split cd but looks like it could be released on 7" by the label Crucificados Peloa Sistema Rec maybe in next year..hopefully!! We have recorded 8 new tracks to be released on 45rpm 12" on D&R rec,possible to be sent out to press as I write this,maybe release in early 2013! i've got another 6-8 songs after those to record and reherse.. from these new songs maybe another split 7" and a 7" on our own... Also I have talked with friends in spain to release a split 7" this band is new D-beat band called GUERRA FRIA,but I dont have any final release date or anything like that so let's wait and see.. There are sort of 2 shows booked for 2013 also,one here in Luleå at a two day hc-fest and the other one in Umea city,we want to play more also..talks been about to return to Germany for some more shows towards spring..
15-AND NOW THE END….THE END IS NEAR….IT´S TIME TO SAY…………… -say your last goodbyes? well as were quoting discharge i feel like adding " its a giant game of chess they play with you and i as disposable pieces"... also like to quote Avskum " their blood is a river that will drown us all in guilt" these lines are repeating alot in my head lately.. Thanx for the interwiev & good luck with your BESTHÖVEN works and everything!I'm looking forward for our split! & I hope we will meet again!! PS=PLEASE,LIST DISCOGRAPHY AND LINKS AS WELL OK??? ADRESS,CONTACTS,ETC……. CONTACT:inaktuellt@hotmail.com http://www.dis-swe.webs.com/
DISCOGRAPHY CDR "NIGHTMARE ON EARTH" cdr 2008 (recorded after existing as a band for 6 weeks only) "ASPECTS" cdr 2009 "THE SOUND OF WAR" split cdr w Chaotic disorder 2009 "APOCALYPSE APPROACHES" Cdr 2009 "RAWPUNK NOISE ASSAULT"" vol1 early demos cdr 2009 (mostly stuff from my one man band demos..) "APOCALYPSE OF DARKNESS" cdr 2010 "SMASHNOISE" split cdr w BALTRING TERROR,fr (demo recorded in in 2010) VINYLS "WARDREAD" 2010 This recording will hopefully be released as a split 7" w SKITSÖFRENIA,malaysia .. "WARGAME FAIRYTALES" split W HÄVÄISTYS in lathe cut disc and cdr,both made in 50 copies only. "DIS BATTLE STILL CONTINUES" Split w LOS REZIOS,peru in 7" vinyl 300 copies made... "DISTORT THE NORTH" Split LP w KRANIUM 2012 (tracks recorded in late 2010)2nd press in coloured vinyls in the making.. "APOCALYPSE APPROACHES" split 7" w Displode (out 2012,tracks from 2009) 300 made there are some compilations too..and made a dvdr called "raw dis assault" with some live stuff from our 2008-2011 days..

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